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Cameron Diaz
as Joy McNally

Ashton Kutcher
as Jack Fuller

Rob Corddry
as Hater

Lake Bell
as Tipper

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Written by Dana Fox

Directed by Tom Vaughan

Running Time: 1:39

Rated PG-13
for some sexual and crude content,
and language,including a drug reference.



What Happens in Vegas was a surprisingly entertaining romantic comedy led by two superstar actors in a movie that simply got it right.


Joy just got dumped by her fiance (in front of all of their friends). Jack just got fired (by his own father!) Joy, with her best friend Tipper and Jack, with his best friend Hater, they go off to Vegas and run into each other and have a wild night on the town. And wake up married. Realizing they made a huge mistake, they agree to get an annulment, until they happen to win $3 million at the casinos. Forced to live together by a judge, the not-so-happy couple does everything they possibly can to get the other one to leave. But after spending all that time hating, they come to find that maybe marriage wasn't a big mistake after all.


What Happens in Vegas had the possibility of being a really simple and bad film. But to my huge surprise, I found myself really enjoying it. It might very well be the best romantic comedy I've seen in a long time. First off there are the two leads, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. They're both beautiful people with charisma to spare. Diaz is not only hot, she's very likeable and you can't help but enjoy her. Kutcher has grown from the annoying pothead on That '70s Show, to an all-around leading man. He's got a charm about him that is undeniable. And when you stick them together, you've got magic. And then there are the two best friends, played by Lake Bell and Rob Corddry. They didn't appear much in the film, but when they did, it was hysterical. I honestly don't think there was a moment they were on screen where I wasn't laughing. The two leads were really good and really funny, but their supporting cast was even better.

The commercials for the film lead you to believe the movie is really mean spirited and hateful, like The Break-Up was. But it's really not. They do some mean things to each other, but within the context of the movie it works. I never for a moment felt like what they were doing was done out of hate. It was done more out of annoyance than anything else. Whether it was peeing in the sink, or removing the toilet seat, the more they tried to outdo each other, the funnier it got.

None of this is to say the movie is perfect. It's fairly obvious from even before the movie starts how it's going to end. Predictable is too simple a word for the story. But the great thing about having talented stars (and a supporting cast with actors like Queen Latifah, Treat Williams and Dennis Farina) is that you can fight your way through the obvious and still make an entertaining film. Both Diaz and Kutcher are the type of actors who are willing to go the extra mile to get a laugh, whether it means making themselves look like an ass or not. There aren't a lot of A-list stars who will slide sloppy drunk onto a wet floor while wearing a see-thru white miniskirt. But I thank God Cameron Diaz is the kind of person who would.

A lot of films like these eventually get to a point where everything is really cheesy. And there is always that moment where they're seconds away from getting together and something goes wrong - usually it's a case where someone is mistaken about something. The movie does a good job of staying with the humor and while there is that small momenet, it passes quickly. I really liked how the film managed to show the romance but never got to the point where it was too romantic.


So overall, I was very happy I decided to go see What Happens in Vegas. It was a really fun romantic comedy that is definitely worth checking out.

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reviewed 05/05/07

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