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Tyrese Gibson
as O2

Meagan Good
as Coco

Henry Hunter Hall
as Junior

Larenz Tate
as Lucky

The Game
as Meat

Written by Vondie Curtis-Hall and Darin Scott

Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall

Running Time: 1:34

Rated R
for strong violence and pervasive language.



Waist Deep was arguably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.


O2 is an ex-con, out on parole and working as a security guard. He gets car jacked, with his son still in the backseat. A gang leader by the name of Big Meat thinks O2 has $100,000 and he wants it in trade for O2s son. So O2, and a girl he believed was involved, attempt to get the money to make the switch. And that's pretty much it.


As I was sitting in the theater, words kept popping into my head. Ridiculous. Preposterous. Showgirls. All of those words sum up Waist Deep, which was the most ridiculous and preposterous movie I've seen in a long time. First off I'll give three reasons why it wasn't a total waste (no pun intended.) One, the girl (Meagan Good) is hot. Two, Tyrese has a certain amount of charisma about him. And three, there were times it was so God awful, it was fun (see: Showgirls.) None of those reasons, however, make up for the rest of the film. I'm not even sure where to start. How about the idea that a two time felon is given a job as a security guard where he gets to carry a gun? It's part of some rehabilitation program? Are you kidding me? Or what about him running down the streets of Los Angeles shooting people and somehow walking away from it with no one stopping him? How about how late in the film he says, more than once, that his kid should wear a seatbelt, but in the beginning of the movie he has no problems with the kid riding in a convertible with no seatbelt on? How does Big Meat run a huge operation out of a warehouse and not have anyone know it? And how does he chop off a guys arm that easily and not have the guy pass out? Then there was the fact that O2 plainly says at one point that he only has until "tomorrow night" to get the money, yet clearly two days pass before the trade? Am I being nitpicky? Maybe, but these are only a few problems with the film.

By coincidence, the co-writer of the movie, Vonde Curtis-Hall, also directed, which lets me blame the entire movie on one person. How he ever thought his script was worth shooting is beyond me. Beyond O2's extremely loud love for his son, none of the characters had any redeeming qualities. O2 was a two-time loser, whether he was set up or not for the second one. He has no problem terrorizing people to get his way. Coco was a street hustler who somehow sold men's suits on the street. Can't say I've ever heard that before. O2's brother, Lucky, is a druggie who is willing to sacrifice his brother and nephew to save his own ass. And then there was the way the movie was edited. The camera moves around like it's on crack and when you add in the extremely quick edits, it's enough to make a normal person nauseous. It was almost as if Curtis-Hall thought, hey, if I make it so people can't see what's happening, maybe they'll think something good is going on! Then during a 'serious' conversation, he turns the movie into a Calvin Klein ad with extreme closeups of eyes and mouths. You know a movie is horrible when people start laughing at every conversation. The movie takes itself so seriously that it accentuates how bad the film is. If you take a movie like Showgirls, the more you watch it the more you get the impression that the filmmakers knew the movie was ridiculous so they just went with it and made it completely over-the-top bad. With Waist Deep the filmmakers thought they were making a really serious, important film when all they really had was a waste of time.


So overall, I would take a serious pass on Waist Deep. I'm not even sure what the title has to do with anything. And if you do go see this film and don't think the ending is a complete load of crock, then I want some of what you're on.

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reviewed 06/21/06

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