Text Version Can someone tell me what the point of this movie was? I know disaster films are the rage these days, but who thought a movie about a plane being taken over by Ray Liotta would be entertaining? Liotta is a convicted serial killer who escaped from prison a couple years back and is recaptured somewhere in New York. Well, in order to get him back to Los Angeles, they put him and another criminal on a commercial flight out West. Now, I may not know a lot about police procedure and extradition laws, but why in the world would you put a convicted killer, a man who has raped and strangled 5 women, on a commerical flight? Couldn't you rent a plane or something? So of course the criminals escape, mayhem ensues, and I tried to stay awake throughout all of it, and this was after I took my afternoon nap. See, Liotta doesn't want to land because he knows he'll be put back on Death Row. He doesn't want to take the plane somewhere else, he just wants to crash it into downtown L.A. The requisite plucky flight attendant, played by Lauren Holly, tries to help the other passengers, fight the bad guy, and land the plane. Don't bother renting this movie, instead I suggest renting a strong family drama titled, The Substance of Fire. Stick around for the closing credits and look for - Locations P.A. Sujit Chawla. Then stand up and cheer loudly.
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