Directed by Peter Weir
Running Time: 1:42

It all starts with a light, falling from the heavens. From that point on, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) realizes that something is different in his life. He's got a beautiful wife, good friends, a good job, and seems very happy. But something is wrong, and he can't put a finger on it. Until one day, he sees his thought-to-be-dead father, and things start falling into place. His life is one, big TV show. From birth, Truman was adopted by a company for the express purpose of televising his life. From the day he was born to the day he would die, Truman Burbank is a TV star, even if he doesn't know it.

This movie is all about Jim Carrey. The big talk was how he signed for $13 million (a pay cut from his normal $20 million salary) so he could do a more serious film. Could he pull it off? was the big question every asked. And I'm here to tell you, not only did he pull it off, it's an award winning performance. Anytime the audience feels so strongly for a character on screen, the actor has done his job, and in this movie, I felt like I was a part of Truman. He's a sweet, loveably guy, who was put into a situation without permission. Nothing in his life is real, from his marriage to his friends, to the guy selling him his newspaper every day. And Carrey makes you feel sad for him, but he gives Truman a heroic quality that makes you cheer for him to break free from the ties that bind.

The story itself was unlike one I had ever seen before. One man (Ed Harris) controlled an entire city. From the sun rise, to crossing the street, everything was timed perfectly. And billions of people each day sat and watched the life of Truman Burbank. I read that Jim Carrey felt The Truman Show was like his own life, in that everything he does is seen by millions of people, and sometimes, you just need to be left alone. I'm glad he chose to do this movie, because maybe now people will understand him a little better.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. Definitely one of the best I've ever seen.

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