Trial and Error This movie certainly had its moments. Unfortunately, they were few and far between. I guess one big problem, is that as a law student, I found it very hard to believe that the justice system could be so easily broken down, even in the middle of nowhere. Michael Richards plays an actor who gives his best friend (Jeff Daniels) a bachelor party, the day before Daniels has to argue a case in some small town in the middle of nowhere. This is important because, of course, the guy he's representing happens to be the brother-in-law of his boss back at the law firm. So, Daniels gets drunk, hung over, and can't get to court in one piece. Richards takes over for him, and next thing you know, he's the lawyer. There's the requisite courtroom scenes, a beautiful stranger on a motorcycle, and the good-hearted, beautiful blond who falls for Jeff Daniels. A run of the mill comedy, that's supposed to be a star vehicle for Michael Richards. Too bad it doesn't showcase his talents as it should have. Unlike his counterparts on Seinfeld, Richards can't seem to break away from his character on the show. You just expect him to act wierd, fall over things, and when he doesn't, you're dissapointed. I know he wants to break away from his Kramer character, but if it works, why change it? Still, I hope he keeps trying to make it, because someday, there will be life after Seinfeld. And as an aside to all you lawyers out there, the judge's name in the film, is Paul Z. Graff.

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