Text Version A different sort of movie. Skeet Ulrich plays Juvenal, a man who has the power to heal. So of course when word gets out, someone wants to exploit his gift for profit. This man happens to be Christopher Walken. Bridget Fonda starts outs helping Walken, then falls in love with Juvenal. Tom Arnold is in the film too, but why his character is there, I don't know. Juvenal doesn't care why he has the gift. God just chose him for whatever reason, and he accepts it. People around him want to use him but he just doesn't care. He's a very innocent, honest person. I liked the movie, it's very simple and straightforward. I really don't like Tom Arnold. He's annoying, can't act, and brings down anything he's in. Christopher Walken has the same act in everything he's in. It works in gangster-type films, but in movies like this he just seems out of place. The strength of this movie comes from Ulrich and Fonda. Ulrich carries the film on his back. The romance between him and Fonda is the backbone of the movie. They have a pure relationship and their interaction is fun to watch. Small films like this don't get a lot of notice in the theaters. When studios put all their marketing budget behind things like Batman and Robin nothing is left over for smaller films. It's sad, because a lot of the time, these smaller films are better written, and better acted than the big budget, high explosive films. Give Touch a chance, you'll have a good time.
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