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Created by Ben Edlund

Running Time: 252 minutes



The Tick vs. Season One is a fun introduction into the world of the great superhero, The Tick.


Covering 10 of the first 11 episodes of the animated series, The Tick vs. Season One can be a lot of fun at times. For those of you who don't know the character, The Tick is a very strange superhero who is a large, blue man/tick. Along with his sidekick Arthur, The Tick is sworn to protect The City from evil villains. Actually, how he got The City as his town to protect is a rather fun way to start the series, with superheroes assigned places to go and the first one we see is assigned New Rochelle. That may not be funny to everyone, but I certainly laughed out loud. The series is very strange as The Tick himself is rather an odd duck. He's strong and brave, but also rather dumb. But at the same time he always manages to get the job done. Arthur is a former accountant who believed he had a higher calling and now wanders around wearing a moth outfit, complete with wings.

Take one of the episodes early on, The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale. You might think that the guy had a face that resembled a chair, or he really liked chairs. But no, in the world of the Tick, the bad guy's head was a chair. There are no eyes, nose or mouth... instead there is a chair where his head should be. And that right there is a microcosm for how truly bizarre the series is. It's not your normal good guy vs. bad guy series where someone wants to rule the world or make a lot of money. One bad guy might want to just tattoo his name on the moon for instance, while another one might be upset that he got kicked out of cooking school and now throws homemade bread bombs at people. There are also other superheroes that wander around, including American Maid, a female superhero in a maid outfit, Die Fledermaus, who looks like a mouse, and my favorite, a guy with the head of a bullet who shoots himself out of a cannon. And that's his power. Nothing is quite what it seems in The City.

I think the biggest problem with the show is that I had a hard time watching more than one episode at a time. While I enjoyed what I saw and at times would find myself laughing out loud, it got to be too much. There are plenty of TV shows I can watch back to back episodes and not get tired, but I didn't feel that way with this one, so I can't say I totally loved it. But at the same time, the show is fun enough, and different enough, that it's definitely worth a look. He's not the most popular hero ever, but The Tick has his moments.


So overall, The Tick vs. Season One is a fun show which will gain you entry into the strange world of The Tick. Whether you know who he is or not, it's still a show that you should take the time to watch. At least a few episodes of.

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reviewed 10/21/06

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