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Parker Posey
as Priscilla

Paul Rudd
as Jack

Danny DeVito
as Wayne

Mischa Barton
as Kristen Taylor

Written by Adam Wierzbianski

Directed by Billy Kent

Running Time: 1:28

Rated Not Rated



The Oh in Ohio was a decent if not wholly entertaining film that relied too much on shock humor to be really good.


Priscilla and Jack have a troubled relationship. She can't orgasm and he can't seem to do anything about it. This leads to them separating and going off in their own directions. Jack ends up in an affair with one of his high school students and Priscilla ends up having sex with many different men, none of whom can help her. Then she finds the joys of a vibrator and her entire world changes.


There were some funny moments in The Oh in Ohio, but not enough to make it a truly enjoyable movie. The cast was pretty impressive, considering this isn't a movie many people have heard of. Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Danny DeVito, Liza Minnelli, and Heather Graham (with the latter two in limited roles.) I would have liked to have seen more backstory about the couple. They've been married for quite a few years and there's obviously more wrong with their marriage than just sex. It seems to me that sex is the reason they use to break it all off. How much money do they have? How can they afford such a large house in a well-to-do neighborhood and still have enough money for Jack to run off and get his own apartment? And why on Earth would I ever consider Danny DeVito to be attractive?

The movie rises and falls on the back of Parker Posey. While the story is about her and her husband, Priscilla is the true main focus. If you can appreciate her character, you'll find yourself enjoying the movie more. At first, when she was uptight and set in her ways, I didn't really care for her. But as the movie went along and she loosened up a bit, she became more free and became the loopy Parker Posey we all know and love. And, as an aside, she's got a much nicer butt than I could have imagined. But I digress. I never understood why she fell for the pool man, because again, he's Danny DeVito, but otherwise, it was nice to see her character slowly but surely come alive. Jack on the other hand, never really did much. He ended up having an affair with one of his students (Mischa Barton) but his character never went anywhere. Emotionally he ended up right back where he started.


So overall, I'm in the middle about The Oh in Ohio. The actors were strong, but the story wasn't as well developed as I would have liked. And the movie ends a bit too abruptly for my tastes. With a running time of only 88 minutes there could have been a lot more said to make the movie feel complete.

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reviewed 07/16/06

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