Directed by Chris Buck & Kevin Lima
Running Time: 1:28
Rated G

Although it was forty minutes shorter, Tarzan managed to pack in more action than even The Phantom Menace. This was a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. If Disney took a small detour with films like Hercules, they came roaring back with Tarzan. Definitely the best Disney offering since The Lion King and Toy Story.

At the beginning, Tarzan (adult voice by Tony Goldwyn) and his family are left shipwrecked on a deserted island. When his parents are killed, Kala (voice of Glenn Close) takes Tarzan into her gorilla family. Kala had lost one of her children and taking care of Tarzan was her way of dealing with the loss of her own child. But the father and leader of the gorilla pack, Kerchak, refused to see Tarzan as one of their own. Tarzan grows up as part of the gorilla family, but never allows him to really feel like a part of the family. One day Jane Porter (voice of Minnie Driver) and her father come to the island in search of gorillas for studying. Tarzan sees one of his own kind and immediately goes to her. But their guide, Clayton, has plans of his own: to capture as many gorilla's as possible, and sell them back home!

From start to finish, Tarzan never let up. It had more action per minute than any movie I've seen in a long time. The story was moving, and the voices seemed to fit the characters quite well. The animation was superb and very fast paced. I did notice a couple of times though where you could see that the hand drawn animation and the computer animation didn't mesh exactly right. Surprisingly for a Disney film, there weren't any real musical sequences (save one plate smashing/typewriting scene). The songs that were in the film moved and explained the story rather than just being there for the sake of having music. Of course the songs were done by Phil Collins which just adds to the enjoyment. Like I said, the movie was very fast paced, especially during the fight scenes, but it was still easy to follow. I was in a theater with around 100 kids, and they all sat transfixed on the screen, laughing out loud at the right times, and giving the movie an ovation at the end.

Overall, Tarzan is definitely the kids movie of the summer, and still very entertaining for adults. So if you've seen The Phantom Menace a few too many times already, take the kids out to Tarzan. By far the best Disney film in a years...

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