Written and Directed by The Farrelly Brothers

Running Time: 1:40

Rated PG-13
for crude and sexual humor,
and some language.


Matt Damon
as Bo

Greg Kinnear
as Walt

Eva Mendes
as April

Wen Yann Shih
as May

Seymour Cassel
as Morty O'Reilly

Pat Crawford Brown
as Mimmy

Ray 'Rocket' Valliere
as Rocket

Tommy Songin
as Tommy

Terence Bernie Hines
as Moe

as Herself

Stuck on You
Stuck on You

Matt Damon
Matt Damon


Stuck on You was another one of those Farrelly Brothers films where they seemed so afraid of becoming politically incorrect that they forgot the movie was supposed to be funny. It had some moments, but they were few and far between.


Bo and Walt are conjoined twins, living in a small town in Massachusetts. In their little world, they've become completely accepted, and no one even notices that they're different. When someone comes into their world and makes fun of the twins, the townspeople come together to back them. Together they own and operate a diner within their small town and generally, life is good. But Walt wants to be an actor, and to do that, they must move to Hollywood. While there, they are seen as more of a sideshow than serious actor, but they are spotted by Cher, who wants desperately to get out of a TV show, so she hired Walt to be her co-star. At the same time, Bo has been having a 3 year internet relationship with a woman who lives out in L.A., but he never told her he was part of a two-pack. Needless to say, things seem to work out in the end for everyone.


The humor from Stuck on You obviously comes from having a pair of conjoined twins doing things that people do every day. They're combined in the middle, so that they both have both their arms and legs. What's keeping them together is the fact that Bo has most of the liver, so if they have an operation, he'll survive, but it's a crapshoot as to whether Walt will live. So they play goalie together on a hockey team, play QB and RB on a football team, play tennis together, pitch baseball together. And yet somehow live their own lives. Walt is an actor, so you see him up on stage acting, while Bo is literally just hanging off of him, trying to stay unnoticed. Walt has sex while Bo writes emails. And everyone is so accepting of them, nothing seems weird at all.

There are only maybe one or two jokes pointed towards their physical challenge. For the most part, the humor comes from the situations they're in, like trying to hide the fact that they're conjoined from the woman Bo is in love with. But you wonder how someone couldn't notice something like that for so long. Was she just stupid? Or were they incredibly good actors? Then the idea of having them shoot a TV show where the camera would only show Walt instead of Bo was supposed to be funny, but after a few seconds, the laughs went away. There was just no substance to anything that happened in the movie.

I will admit to laughing out loud in a couple of places, but generally, there were long periods of just blah presentation where the movie sputtered and tried to keep moving ahead. Easily the best role in the film went to Seymour Cassel as Morty O'Reilly, Walt's agent who still lives in an era where getting $1250 per episode is a big deal. Seeing him drive around on his little scooter and trying to make big deals without knowing what year it is was extremely funny. Damon and Kinnear acted well together, considering they spent the movie stuck together. I can't imagine that was easy to do, but it looked effortless, so kudos to them. I just wish they had more of a story to deal with. Eva Mendes looked so hot I can't put it into words, but her role was basically just that, to look hot. Wen Yann Shih, who played May, the woman Bo was in love with, has a little more juice to her role, but it was too easy. First she was duped, then she found out the truth, then she came around very quickly. There wasn't much for her to do.

I think after the success of There's Something About Mary, the Farrelly Brothers set themselves up to be let down. Nothing they've done since has come close to that level of humor. It's almost as if they used all their good stuff on that film, and were grasping at straws for movies like Me, Myself and Irene, Shallow Hal and now this movie. For at least this movie and Shallow Hal, they picked subject matters that could have gotten them in trouble with a lot of groups, so in order to protect themselves, they tried to be as politically correct as possible, and because of that, lost their comic touch. Controversy isn't always a bad thing, and I wish they'd just come out with another laugh out loud, gross out comedy that doesn't pander to every group imaginable.


So overall, Stuck on You had some funny moments, but not nearly enough to sustain the entire film. It's something that might be a good Saturday afternoon rental some day, but not worth seeing in the theater.

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reviewed 12/10/03

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