Speed 2: Cruise Control
Directed by Jan De Bont
Running Time: 2:02
Speed 2 seems to pick up a few years after Speed left off. Annie (played once again by Sandra Bullock, who by the way looks better than I've ever seen her before), is now dating Alex (played by Jason Patric, who I've loved, not in that way, since The Lost Boys). Well, Alex surprises Annie with two tickets for a cruise, and the action begins. Actually, the action began from almost the opening frame. And, in what had become a Jan De Bont trademark, the action never stops. There's the opening chase sequence, to a short set-up for the rest of the film, then the cruise ship starts exploding, and from there the movie never lets up. For action, it was a really good film. Two of the most amazing crash and explosion scenes you will ever see. The problem with the movie is the plot. Willem Defoe (who along with John Malkovich are the greatest criminals in movies today) is the crazy guy who wants to take over/blow up the ship. OK, no problem there, but when you find out why he wants to do it, you start to wonder who the hell wrote this film? He wants to blow up the ship, because he's upset he got fired. Turns out Defoe's character built the computer programs used by the ship. He got some sort of disease from it, and got fired. He gets a little upset by this, and decides to blow up the ship. Huh? I really enjoyed the movie. Bullock and Patric worked well together, the action was intense and well done, but when you're working with a plot as lame as this, it doesn't sit well. So I say, if you can get past the plot line, go see Speed 2 and you'll have a good time.
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