Directed by Brian De Palma
Running Time: 1:38

Snake Eyes is more thriller than action-adventure. Don't go in thinking there's going to be a lot of gun battles or chase sequences. It's more mystery, whodunit type thriller, where you have to figure out who did what from the "clues" given throughout the film. Although this was more they type of movie where they didn't actually give you any visible clues, they just showed the scene again from another point of view later on, so the audience would go, ohh, I get it now... that's what really happened...

Snake Eyes stars Nicolas Cage as Atlantic City cop Rick Santoro. Now Rick is the kind of guy who'll take a few bucks from you and look away. He's got a wife, and a kid, and a girlfriend. He drives an expensive car, and has aspirations of running for mayor. Everyone knows about Rick, especially his friend, Navy Commander Kevin Dunn (Gary Sinise). It's fight night at the Atlantic City Convention Center, and the Secretary of Defense is in attendance, with Dunn as the lead "bodyguard" for the night. But shortly after the fight starts, an assassins bullet kills the Secretary, and all hell breaks loose. It's up to Santoro to figure out who did what and why. Without ruining anything, it turns out to be a few stories, seemingly having nothing to do with each other, that come together as Santoro figures out what happened, and learns a few things he really didn't want to know.

I don't want anyone to think this movie was bad. It wasn't. It just wasn't as good as it could have been. Visually, it was very enjoyable. I love movies where they show scenes from different points of views. I love when they show a scene from one angle, then later on they have a voice over explaining what happened, and then they show that same scene from a different angle, just so you can see what you missed. So it was directed very well, and acted very well. But the plot was just a little odd and confusing. Well, not confusing, but it was just weak. Nothing people did came through with a lot of force behind it. Doctoring missle tests and killing the Secretary of Defense because he might cut spending to the Armed Forces seemed to be the main point, but it didn't really come through as I thought it should. And some other things seemed strange, like why would they have have Gugino's character lose her glasses and not be able to see? It didn't really serve any purpose in the story, it seemed like it was there just to throw some blurry shots in. And I really don't like it when the bad guy feels the need to explain himself to the good guy. I think a plot should be strong enough where you understand why he did something, rather than him having to sit there and spoon feed it to you. And when that explaination doesn't make sense, it makes you feel a little empty. I guess the other problem was, and I'm not bragging when I say this, I figured out who the real bad guy was before I even saw the movie. And then within the first few minutes, my guess was proven correct, even though they didn't tell you who the bad guy was for a little while longer.

Overall, I'd say Snake Eyes was a decent thriller, but not great. It was a stylish film, with strong acting that deserved a better story. But still, not a bad one to go see.

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