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Brad Dourif
as Chucky (voice)

Jennifer Tilly
as Herself/Tiffany (voice)

Billy Boyd
as Glen/Glenda (voice)

Hannah Spearritt
as Joan

John Waters
as Pete Peters

as Himself

Steve Lawton
as Stan

Written and Directed
by Don Mancini

Running Time: 1:27

Rated R
for strong horror violence/gore,
sexual content and language.



Seed Of Chucky was just an awful, awful movie. The original Child's Play was at least original and somewhat scary, but this latest incarnation was just plain bad.


The plot, as it is, involves Chucky and his bride Tiffany from the last film, the aptly named Bride of Chucky, finding out they have a child. And of course Chucky and Tiffany want to get back into human form so they can... be human I guess. So they pick Jennifer Tilly and Redman as the two people whose bodies they want to inhabit and things go horribly wrong, people die, their puppet child doesn't know if he's male or female and, well, you get the idea.


I'm sorry but masturbating puppets just does not do it for me, especially when they're doing it into a cup and we get to see the results. It's childish humor at best from what used to be a horror series of films. The series has now gone into cheap comedic mode and lost all of its charm. From what I remember of the original series, a serial killer somehow got into the body of a Chucky doll and ended up going on a murder spree. I can't recall what happened to him after that, but apparently he's still wandering around inside of Chucky and has been trying to get free all this time. But now the horror angle has been tossed, and it's all about making bad jokes and watching puppets have sex and play with themselves. And this time out they throw in a confused puppet who isn't sure of his/her gender and who eventually goes Psycho (which I will admit was a nice touch, what with the dressing up in his mother's clothes and not harming a fly that falls on his hand.)

There were a lot of 'in' jokes dealing with Jennifer Tilly's fall from grace and ending up in a horror film. The only reason I didn't hate the movie completely was because of Tilly. I think she's pretty hot and her send-up of herself was nice. I could have gone for seeing her naked instead of her alter-ego doll dropping her top, but what can you do. I guess even Oscar nominees have their standards. None of the murders were particularly scary, although they were gruesome in a cheesy way. The special effects weren't all that great, so when a woman gets set on fire and goes crashing down two stories, you can see that it's a dummy. There were heads getting chopped off and faces being burned with acid, so that's was nice to see, they just weren't done all that well.

Redman was a pretty horrible actor and I'm not sure why he was in this movie, except maybe his people thought this would turn into a cult hit. I seem to remember liking Bride of Chucky and I think it did reasonably well at the box office, so it was a given Seed Of Chucky would be made. And there is always room for more and more cheap sequels, considering I bet even as bad as this movie was, it turned a profit. But much like the latest Batman movie, Batman Begins went back to its roots, I'd like to see Chucky go back to his roots and if they do make a sequel, skip the comedy-horror genre and make a real good horror film. Even with puppets you can make a movie scary. Just don't have him masturbating into a plastic cup, because come on... that's just wrong.


So overall, Seed Of Chucky was a pretty bad and non-interesting movie. Fans of the series might like it, but most others won't. And the DVD is full of extras that might interest you, but I passed on most of them because I didn't want to see Chucky's messed up face anymore.

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reviewed 06/11/05

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