J.B. Rogers
Running Time: 1:34
Rated R for strong sexual content, crude humor and language.

From the Farrelly Brothers comes the latest in gross out humor, Say It Isn't So. While it had some funny moments, overall this was more the kind of movie you might rent if there was nothing else available, or maybe something you'd watch on free TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Chris Klein plays Gilly Noble, a loveable animal shelter employee. He falls in love with the new hairdresser Jo Wingfield, played by the equally loveable Heather Graham. But when the get engaged, it turns out that Gilly and Jo are actually brother and sister. Or are they? OK well it's rather obvious they're not so I'm not giving anything away. However before anyone realizes it, Jo moves back to Beaver, Oregon to be with Jack Mitchelson (Eddie Cibrian), a very rich and corrupt man. One day Jo's real brother finds his parents (played by Sally Field and Richard Jenkins) and Gilly wants to find Jo and tell her. But Jo's mother wants Jo to marry Jack so she can be rich and live a life of luxury. And when Jack finds out, he does everything he can to get Gilly out of the picture. But helped by a legless pilot named Dig McCaffey (Orlando Jones), Gilly finally gets his sister... I mean gets the girl.

Since this is a Farrelly Brothers production, there is some strange gross out humor, but to be honest, nothing all that shocking. Maybe I've just become de-sensitized to all of it. But seeing Gilly stick his hand up a cow's ass wasn't nearly as bad as seeing a chicken go up a man's ass (as in Me, Myself & Irene). Seeing Gilly put pubic hair on his face to make a moustache and beard wasn't as funny as seeing Cameron Diaz slick up her hair in There's Something About Mary. Standing on their own, these scenes are funny, but put into the context of past Farrelly Brothers films, there's nothing special about them.

Most of the laughs come at the expense of poor Gilly, who just wants to find love, but is instead branded a sister-f*cker by the entire town. I'm still not convinced of Chris Klein's acting ability, but he does do befuddled well. Heather Graham was cute in her role, but other than not being able to cut hair, there wasn't much to her character. Sally Field stole the show, mainly because it's a role you wouldn't expect her to be in. A foul-mouthed old hag who greases her stroke-ridden husband's sandwich with her armpits. Now that's funny. The story line was interesting and certainly possible in this day and age, but it seemed like the script was written just to throw in some gags that they couldn't put into other films.

So overall there's not much to say about Say It Isn't So. It had some funny moments, but nothing exceptional. Some solid performances certainly help the poorly written script, but in the end, there's not a lot to hang your hat on.

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