The Saint

Someone want to explain to me exactly what this film was about? This is what I got: Val Kilmer plays Simon Templar, a man who as a boy went to catholic school, and didn't have a real name, so the priests gave him the name of a saint. He watches this girl he really likes die, and now he's some sort of agent-for-hire who steals things for the highest bidder. So far, not too bad. But then the movie really starts. Simon steals a microchip from the leader of the Russian Mafia, played by Rade Serbedzija, then he is hired by the same guy to steal the formula for cold fusion. Of course, the person who has the formula for cold fusion just happens to be a beautiful young scientist, played by Elisabeth Shue. Well, one thing leads to another, Simon uses a bunch of disguises, the good guys win, the bad guys lose. What was Elisabeth Shue doing in this movie? She gave one of the finest performances I have ever seen in Leaving Las Vegas, and one of her followups is this? I could have played her part. Just dress me up and put a little lipstick on me, and I could run around with Val Kilmer for a couple of hours. The Saint could have been a good, Mission: Impossible type of thriller, but instead it turns out to be Mission: Impossible lite. If you're a fan of Val Kilmer, it's not a bad movie, he gets to dress up a lot and use a lot of accents. If you're a fan of Elisabeth Shue, she smiles a lot and looks as beautiful as she usually does. If you're a fan of really good movies, go rent something else.
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