Directed by John Frankenheimer
Running Time: 1:40
Rated R strong violence, language, and sexuality.

Sometimes I wish that the studios would only release films 6 months out of the year. Then they wouldn't feel the need to fill up their slates with films like Reindeer Games. Maybe then the studios would only release good films. Things like Eye of the Beholder and this film would never see the light of day. Here's what I think the studio was thinking. Let's take Ben Affleck and throw him into an action-type film. If we're lucky, people will look past the story and the lack of action, and see him as the next breakthrough action star. Then we can pay him $20 million to take all the roles Nicolas Cage decides to pass up.

Ben Affleck plays Rudy Duncan, a convict who is about to be released from prison. His cellmate Nicky, who is also about to be released, has been trading letters with a beautiful woman named Ashley (Charlize Theron). When Nicky gets killed just two days before they get released, his last words are to Rudy. He tells Rudy to meet Ashley and tell her what happened. Rudy meets Ashley, but for some reason instead of telling her the truth, he decides to tell her that he is Nicky. Well it turns out that Ashley's brother Gabriel (Gary Sinise) has been reading the letters Nicky sent out and wants to get Nicky to help him and his gang rob a casino. Rudy tries to tell them the truth, but realizes that lying is the only way to save his and Ashley's life so he goes along with it. Along the way truths are revealed and there are a lot of twists and turns that lead to an explosive ending.

There's not much I liked about this movie. I think the only decent thing was that Charlize Theron goes topless. Other than that, the story was ridiculous, the acting was barely passable, and the script was so over the top it was funny. Gary Sinise kept giving these soliloquies that were more like he was in a Shakespearean tragedy than a run of the mill action film. I have never really liked Ben Affleck as an actor, and this movie didn't change my feelings on him. Theron was adequate as the damsel in distress. The story was so unbeliveable, even for a movie story you couldn't suspend disbelief to go along with it. An Indian casino somewhere in Michigan being taken over by a bunch of gun toting Santa Clauses. When the Santa's entered the casino, there was no one there. Then all of a sudden they herd a whole lot of people into a room and lock them away. Where did these people come from? And cops run to the scene of a shoot out, pass a huge trailer truck on the way, but no one notices anything. The ultimate ending was even worse.

So overall, don't bother seeing Reindeer Games. Unless you have a burning desire to see Charlize Theron topless. But even if you do, it would be better to wait till this comes out on video and then you can pause it wherever you want.

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