Written by Giulio Petroni, Scott Abbott, Michael Petroni
Directed by Michael Rymer

Running Time: 1:41

Rated R
for vampire violence.

Stuart Townsend
as Lestat de Lioncourt

Marguerite Moreau
as Jesse Reeves

as Queen Akasha

Vincent Perez
as Marius

Paul McGann
as David Talbot

Lena Olin
as Maharet


Queen of the Damned (Double Sided)
Queen of the Damned
(Double Sided)

With a lot of loud music, quick cutting, and a plot that didn't go anywhere, Queen of the Damned was a less than average vampire flick that left me with nothing more than a headache.

Let's see if I can get the basic story down correctly. The Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) has been sleeping in his crypt for years, waiting for the right time to awaken and rejoin the planet. He chooses now and decides to become a rock star, so that the world can see him as their God. His plan is to make himself known worldwide, something that is forbidden in the eyes of vampires. Then there's this girl Jesse (Marguerite Moreau) who works for a group that watches the underworld, but never gets involved. There is something in her past that makes her want to know the vampire world, and attracts her to Lestat. And lastly, there is Queen Akasha (Aaliyah), the Queen of all vampires, who thousands of years ago along with her King, ravaged the entire planet. She wants nothing but the blood of everyone, human and immortal alike. Vampires around the world want to stop Lestat from telling all the humans about them, while Akasha wants Lestat for her new King, so they two of them can rid the world of everything. Jesse wants to become a vampire, and walk the Earth with Lestat forever.

I'm not completely sure what the point of the movie was. Except maybe to showcase a lot of heavy metal music. There were, as I mentioned, a few story lines all going at the same time, and all converging at different points, but what the overall story was supposed to be, I must have missed. I understand that this story is somewhere in the middle of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, so maybe had I read the stories that came before this, I'd understand a little bit more. But as a stand-alone movie, it didn't serve much of a purpose. None of the characters were really explained too much. We got some of the Lestat backstory, how he was created by Marius (Vincent Perez), but not why he was chosen. I never fully understood why Lestat wanted to be known by the whole world so badly, and why he still had some human emotion left in him after all these years. Was it just by keeping the violin? Jesse's need to become a vampire was sort of explained towards the end with her finding out about her family. And why was Akasha even in this film? Was it just to show Lestat's human side and to help point him into another direction?

I hate leaving movies with unanswered questions. I also hate really loud movies. Maybe it was just the theater, but the music was always too loud and pulsating. I had a headache from the opening credits. The music itself wasn't bad, just too much. And I like vampire films, which is why I didn't completely hate this movie. I thought Townsend, Aaliyah and Perez were pretty good as vampires. Vampires have always had a very cool mystique about them that people are drawn too. There are not many people who haven't at one time or another wondered what it would be like to be immortal, and vampires are at the top of the list. So from that standpoint, it was a decent enough film. But with a story that didn't go anywhere, and music and editing that was too loud and too rough, the movie didn't have a chance to succeed.

So overall Queen of the Damned was a movie that had a chance of being a decent film, but had too many flaws to overcome, even with the performances of the lead actors.

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reviewed 02/24/02

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