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Sandra Bullock
as Margaret Tate

Ryan Reynolds
as Andrew Paxton

Mary Steenburgen
as Grace Paxton

Craig T. Nelson
as Joe Paxton

Betty White
as Grandma Annie

Malin Akerman
as Gertrude

Oscar Nunez
as Ramone

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Written by Pete Chiarelli

Directed by Anne Fletcher

Running Time: 1:46

Rated PG-13
for sexual content, nudity and language.



The Proposal was a fairly predictable romantic comedy that was sweet and funny and helped immensely by the two talented leads.


Margaret Tate is, for lack of a better word, a bitch. She is a powerful book editor in New York City whose employees scatter whenever she walks into her room. By her side is Andrew Paxton, the only person who can actually stand to be around her, although even that is held on by a string. When Margaret is informed that she is about to be deported back to Canada, she quickly hatches a plan to marry Andrew. But a bulldog of an INS agent is already hounding them so to make the ruse look believable, Margaret travels to Alaska to meet Andrew's family and attend his grandmother's 90th birthday. While forced to pretend to like each other, real feelings start to emerge, but will the truth really set them free?


Even before the movie starts you know perfectly well how it's going to end, so the only way to make sure people like this movie is to cast likeable stars and make it funny. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds work very well together and they're the biggest reason why I enjoyed the film. Bullock has always had that girl-next-door quality about her and even as she gets older, there is still a sweetness about her. You can see age creeping in on her face and she has to use a lot more makeup these days. But as the almost completely nude scene she has can attest, she's still got it going on. Reynolds has always had a quirky charm about him. In films like these you can understand why the women go for the 'aww shucks' personality he has on top of his good looks. So while there is an age difference, since you like both the actors, you root for them to win.

For a Disney-branded film, the movie has some racy moments. There is the scene, parts of which are in the trailer, where the two end up naked on each other. What you don't see in the trailers is how long Bullock walks around naked with her hands strategically placed to cover up the important parts. But still, you get to see more skin on her than ever before and it was well worth it. And for the ladies, while you don't get to see Reynolds for as long, he also ends up naked in the scene. Throw in a male strip club scene - which is actually more funny than sexy - and a few racy jokes and you've got a PG-13 film which is a little edgier than I imagined.

The secondary characters definitely help the film. Betty White plays the grandmother and she has still got a lot of spunk left in her after all these years. Familiar faces like Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, and Malin Akerman all appear, as Andrews' parents and ex-girlfriend. Akerman's character was the only one that was a little strange because her status as Andrew's ex didn't have much of an impact on the film. And for an actress who has had leading roles in a couple of big films, her screen time was really small. But the biggest and best supporting character had to be Oscar Nunez as Ramon. Best known for his role as Oscar from The Office, Nunez steals every scene he's in, which turns out to be a lot because his character plays a bunch of different roles in the film. It seems almost like every time you turn around, here's there doing something different. It was his performance as a stripper however that was the highlight.

The story, while extremely predictable, was still engaging. Obviously the focus was on the two stars learning about their feelings for each other, as unbelievable as it may be after three days together. And there were smaller stories about Andrew dealing with his father's disappointment in him and Margaret trying to keep her job. But there were moments that were really sweet and moments that were really funny and in the end, that's all you're looking for from a movie like this. It doesn't have to be very deep - it just has to keep you entertained.


So overall, I liked The Proposal. It wasn't anything new, but the stars are likeable and the comedy and romance were on the edgy side. It was surprisingly entertaining.

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reviewed 06/18/09

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