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Uma Thurman
as Rafi Gardet

Meryl Streep
as Lisa Metzger

Bryan Greenberg
as David Bloomberg

Jon Abrahams
as Morris

Written and Directed
by Ben Younger

Running Time: 1:45

Rated PG-13
for sexual content including dialogue,
and for language.



Prime was a decent enough comedy but not one that will make you laugh out loud.


Rafi is in her late 30s and about to finalize her divorce. David is in his early 20s, living with his grandparents, and not 100% sure what he's doing with his life. They run into each other outside a movie theater and are introduced through a mutual friend. They immediately hit it off and even though there is a big age gap, their love for each other prevails. But there is a twist. David is the son of Rafi's therapist, Lisa. During one of their sessions, Lisa realizes this, but doesn't say anything because she's not sure where the relationship is going. Over time Rafi and David start to understand that maybe their life paths aren't meant to run together. And that what seemed like a Hollywood romance is really a real life relationship with more downs than ups.


The main selling point with Prime is the 'You're dating your therapist's son!' scenerio, which could have lead to some really funny moments, but ultimately did not. The true main focus of the movie is simply the relationship between Rafi and David. She's older, has had a lot more experiences, and kind of knows what she wants in her life. David lives with his grandparents, still enjoys partying, and isn't sure what his future holds. The movie could have turned into a fantasy romance where these two seemingly different people from different walks of life come together and live happily ever after, but it didn't. For that I have to give the movie props, because that would have been a typical romantic comedy. However, the realism also takes away from the entertainment value. I don't really enjoy watching what is billed as a romantic comedy, showcase two attractive leads who argue with each other and in the end, leave you wondering what just happened. The ending of the movie is very ambiguous, making me think the writer/director wanted to leave his audience believing that nothing is quite sure in the world and you never know how things will end up. I would have been happier with a more definite finale.

There were some funny moments in the movie, and some sweet ones as well. I didn't really care for the entire therapist/son subplot only because I kept thinking that the therapist was doing something very wrong. The second she realized her patient was dating her son, she should have said something and walked away. There were a couple of scenes of Lisa seeing her own therapist, which I think were put in there so there was at least some explanation of why she kept treating Rafi, but I didn't buy it. Why would you even want to put yourself through something like that? It wasn't as much funny as it was an invasion of privacy. Not to mention showing a total disregard for the trust of your patient. Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg were decent enough as the sometimes happy couple, but Meryl Streep seemed like she was sleepwalking through the role. Almost like she knows she's better than this type of movie, but owed someone a favor.


So overall, Prime wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't necessarily a good one either. I'll give the movie credit for not making a 'Hollywood' romantic comedy, but there was no spice, no pizzazz in the movie to keep me completely entertained either.

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reviewed 03/21/06

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