Directed by P.J. Hogan

Written by P.J. Hogan and
Michael Goldenberg

Running Time: 1:48

Rated PG
adventure action sequences and peril.


Jason Isaacs
as Mr. Darling/Captain Hook

Jeremy Sumpter
as Peter Pan

Rachel Hurd-Wood
as Wendy Darling

Lynn Redgrave
as Aunt Millicent

Richard Briers
as Smee

Olivia Williams
as Mrs. Darling

Harry Newell
as John Darling

Freddie Popplewell
as Michael Darling

Ludivine Sagnier
as Tink

Peter Pan - Movie Teaser
Peter Pan - Movie Teaser


I'm not sure I'm the right person to talk about Peter Pan. I keep thinking I must have missed something because I didn't really like the movie at all.


This is the old Peter Pan story. A boy who never wants to grow up lives in Neverland (which takes on a creepier tone with the whole Michael Jackson situation). For some reason he flies to London and listens to a girl tell stories to her brothers. One night he reveals himself to her and offers to take her away from her family, which is trying to get her to act older. She and her brothers take off and end up in the middle of a battle between Peter and Captain Hook. And well, you pretty much know the rest.


At one point I felt so bored during the movie I fell asleep for a few seconds, right during the big battle between Peter and Hook. The movie could have been good, although the moment I'm hard pressed to figure out how. I really wanted to see it, based on the previews, but when I saw the entire film, the production let me down.

First off, and I usually don't like going after child actors, I thought Jeremy Sumpter, who played Peter Pan, was really off. I didn't like him at all. I mean, as a person I'm sure he's nice, but as Peter Pan he didn't seem either like the kind of guy a young girl would fall for, nor the kind of kid who could take on Captain Hook. His acting abilities weren't up to par and since he's the central figure, it took away from the movie.

The production values seemed really bad for a movie that obviously spent a lot of money. Nothing appealed to me visually, except for maybe some of the London exterior scenes. Otherwise it looked like they spent a lot of money but didn't get anything for it. The Neverland scenes were really horrible looking. It never made me feel like I was in a special place.

I know most people generally know the story of Peter Pan, but a little refresher during the film wouldn't have hurt. Why was this kid living in Neverland? How'd he get there? Why does Hook hate him so much? Why is he a peeping tom? It's like the producers assumed everyone knows the story, so they just went straight into it. I felt it could have used some story elements to help move the plot along. And for a PG rated film, there were a few images that might be rather disturbing for younger kids.

The highlight of the film was Rachel Hurd-Wood who played Wendy. She had a wide-eyed innocence about her, yet still could hold her own against the bad guys. Between her and Ludivine Sagnier who played the fairy Tinkerbell, the movie had at least something worthwhile. Without their performances, this would have been really bad, but because of them, I managed to stay awake for almost all of it.


Overall, maybe kids will like this, but I'm not so sure. I usually like films aimed towards kids... I've watched movies geared towards younger audiences before and I could appreciate those. But Peter Pan did very little for me.

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reviewed 12/22/03

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