Directed by Roger Michell
Running Time: 2:02

Hmm... I guess the bottom line is I enjoyed Notting Hill while at the same time I didn't have the faintest idea where the characters were coming from.

Hugh Grant plays a William, bookstore owner. Julia Roberts plays basically herself with a different name, Anna, a world renowned movie star. She walks into his bookstore and sparks fly. At least they are supposed to. I don't recall seeing a whole lot of sparks. Then things happen, the break up, get back together, break up, get back together... then there is a happy ending. Or something along those lines. Not a very involved plot, but still, it had potential.

I really enjoyed Hugh Grant. He's got that English charm about him that makes watching him very enjoyable. His stuttering was cute more than anything else, and you could see the love in his heart for Anna. What I didn't see was why he was in love with Anna, other than because she was a big time movie star. There was nothing else about her that seemed appealing to me. So from that point, I didn't really like Julia Roberts all that much. Anna seemed cold and distant most of the time. She very rarely smiled, and when she did it was more out of amusement of the lives of the common people than anything else. She seemed to be the kind of woman who uses men and then when they don't do what she wants she cries to get them back. The only time I saw a human emotion side of her was right near the end when she was pregnant, with her head on William's lap while lying on a bench. I didn't see one reason why William, or anyone else for that matter, would fall in love with her, other than because she was famous. Maybe I'm just bitter.

The supporting cast was wonderful. Rhys Ifans has William's roommate Spike stole just about every scene he was in. And Gina McKee, who played William's sister-in-law was definitely the Pretty Woman of the cast, Julia Roberts be damned!

So overall Hugh Grant and the supporting cast made this movie funny and warm hearted. I didn't understand the connection between Anna and William, but maybe I just don't understand what love is. Still, Notting Hill is a funny movie that should be seen, even if I don't get it.

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