Directed by Scott Silver
Running Time: 1:33
Rated R for language, violence and some sexuality.

The Mod Squad had "cool" written all over it. Based on a popular and cult TV show. Three young, hot actors. Cool trailers. All of my friends were talking about it (although this could tell you what kind of friends I have). Then I went and saw it. What a huge disappointment.

Omar Epps is Link, Claire Danes is Julie, and Giovanni Ribisi is Pete. All three of them are criminals (Link-Arson, Julie-Assault, Pete-Robbery), and for some reason these three are chosen by L.A. Police Captain Greer (Dennis Farina) to become cops because they can get into places normal police officers can't. It's never explained how these three got chosen. In fact the movie starts and they're already cops and we're in the middle of some police corruption case involving stolen cocaine. When Captain Greer dies and the Mod Squad is taken out of rotation, they decide to find out who killed their leader and why. Throw in a foot chase, Claire Danes in her underwear, a car bomb and a violent battle scene at the end, and you have the movie.

First of all, none of the characters besides Link held my interest. I found it very hard to believe Danes as a street tough girl. her dialogue was horrible, and even as talented as actress as she is, she couldn't save it. Besides one quick scene in the beginning there wasn't anything about her that suggested she was tough. She let herself get walked all over by some guy who seemed to have known her from her past but once again that's not really explained. Ribisi seems to play the same character in most of his films. A stuttering, sometimes violent guy who's just misunderstood and always has a heart. Epps was the only one who played his character cool and collected. Again however, there was nothing in his character, or Ribisi's for that matter, that suggested why they were criminals to begin with, or why they would be chosen to become cops.

The dialogue for the movie was horrible. It was very forced and cheesy. No wait, if it was cheesy it might have been entertaining. The story line wasn't explained at all until the very end. Why these cops did what they did isn't known. How it all started, nothing like that was ever explained. We're just tossed into the middle and expected to figure it all out. There was no background or motivation for any of the characters. There was nothing. If it wasn't for Omar Epps this film would have been a complete waste.

I was so looking forward to The Mod Squad, and yet again I was disappointed. I have got to stop getting excited over movies because recently all the ones I look forward to haven't lived up to expectations.

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