Directed by Richard Donner
Running Time: 2:07

And here I thought that Lethal Weapon 4 would turn out to be cheesy because it was way past its prime. But Gibson, Glover, Silver, Donner and company show why the Lethal Weapon movies are still the best buddy cop movies of all time. From the explosive opening series, to the last picture, this movie was fast and furious, and most importantly, funny.

First of all, let's talk about the plot. The plot wasn't that strong, nor that important. Something about Chinese strongmen coming into the country, and having to be paid for. To be honest, the entire plot seems to be explained during a voice-over near the final scenes. But I don't really think anyone cared that much. It was the dialogue and the actors that pulled off this movie. First of all, this movie was full of action. From flying down the highway on a table, to the amazing work of Jet Li (who looks like he could kick just about anyone's ass), there was almost always something going on. Secondly, this movie was very funny. Mel Gibson just has this way about him that's funny, but I think since these guys have all worked together so often, it's easy for them to be funny together. It seemed to me that a lot of the words weren't scripted, they just did it improv, and if so, kudos to Richard Donner for allowing them to do that. And of course when you stick Chris Rock in a movie, you know there's going to be a lot of humor.

So really, there isn't much to say about Lethal Weapon 4. If you like comedy, if you like action, if you like buddy cop films, you will love this movie.

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