The Lost World
Directed by... some guy, can't remember his name.
Running Time: 2:08

You want dinosaurs? You got dinosaurs. The Lost World:Jurassic Park starts off a few years after the original. It turns out, there was a second island, the island where they actually made the dinosaurs. The original island was only the showcase island. Well, even after the disaster of trying to make a dinosaur theme park the first time, someone from the InGen company wants to try again. This time, they want the theme park to be in, San Diego. So let's get the dinosaurs off the island, and bring them to San Diego. As it turns out, two groups are sent to the island, one there to capture and bring back the dinosaurs, and one there to study them and protect them. Jeff Goldblum heads the "good" guys, and Pete Postlewaite heads the "bad" guys. There's a lot more violence in this movie than in the original. It's a lot darker and a lot meaner. The special effects are even better, the line between reality and computers is smaller then ever. The problem is, the surprise is gone. It's not a shock seeing dinosaurs walking across the screen anymore. And once that amazement is gone, you start looking for something else to satisfy your thirt for movie enjoyment. Some of the sequences are pretty good. The trailer scene is done incredibly well, and seeing a dinosaur wander down the streets of San Diego is fun. As much as I love movies, and I enjoy seeing a good movie continue, just to see what happens to the characters, sometimes I wish Hollywood would stop making sequels. It always seems to take away something from the original. Mind you, I'll be the first in line to see Batman and Robin in a couple of weeks, so I'm not saying all sequels should be done away with. But why make a sequel to a classic? All it does is make the sequel seem cheesy in comparison. Still, The Lost World is the biggest of the "event" films this summer, so you have to go see it on the big screen. And I remember that directors name, someone named Spielberg. Hmm... wonder if he's done anything else worth seeing?
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