Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Running Time: 2:10

Now this was one hell of a movie. First of all, I'm a little too young to remember the TV series, so I can't compare this movie to that, but regardless, this was one of the better sci-fi films I've seen. Lost In Space takes place in the year 2058. All of Earth's natural resources are dwindling, and within the next twenty years, no life will be able to survive. So the people in charge of such things, have been searching the universe for water and things humans need to survive, and they find some on a distant planet, somewhere else in the universe. So Dr. Robinson (Hurt) takes his family on the ship Jupiter 2, to help colonize the planet, so that future generations may survive. The ship is piloted by Major John West (LeBlanc), and is sabotaged by Dr. Smith (Gary Oldman). Well, as the title suggests, they get lost somewhere in space, and can't figure out a way to get back home. But strange things happen. They run across a ship, built by their federation, but unlike any ship they've seen before. Then these strange spiders attack them. And all hell breaks loose. The plot isn't all that important really, especially when you (and they) come to a certain realization about half way through the film. I won't give it all away, but it's another one of those things where if you think about it too hard, it won't make sense.

But as far as the special effects go, they were pretty amazing. Things that you know are blue (or green) screened look more and more realistic. The look of the movie, in the costumes and the sets, are pretty remarkable. And something that I usually don't talk about, the sound, was incredible. Maybe it was the theater, but I don't remember a movie's special effects sounding so good before. Matt LeBlanc breaks away from his Friends character, and does a great job. I was impressed, especially since his last choice of movies was with an ape. The rest of the cast did a good job, although I did get tired of Dr. Smith's continual snide remarks. And I didn't understand his character all that much after he sabotaged the mission. I mean, if the only way to get back to civilization depended on these people, why would you continue to try and hurt them? He couldn't make it back on his own, yet he always tried to hurt them. And what was up with the little creature they picked up along the way? Does anyone else think that he was there, just so they had some stuffed animal they could sell to little kids?

Overall, I did enjoy the movie. The first hour to an hour and a half were very exciting, and action packed. When they landed on the strange planet, things started to bog down, as they tried to give you more of a story. But there was a big blow up ending, and as always, they leave room for a sequel. I'd say this was definitely a good movie to see in the theaters. Take the family, and have a good time.

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