L.A. Confidential
L.A. ConfidentialL.A. ConfidentialL.A. Confidential
Directed by Curtis Hanson
Running Time: 2:15
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This is what a real movie should look like. It should have a story (although a somewhat confusing one) and it should have real actors. No need for a lot of special effects or big explosions or big-named expensive actors to drive the film, just a good, solid movie. Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and Oscar nominee James Cromwell headline L.A. Confidential but it's the to this point unknown actors, Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce that carry the movie. Spacey, Crowe and Pearce play L.A. cops, but they're as different as different can be. Spacey works in Narcotics, but his big claim to fame is being the techincal advisor to a big t.v. cop show. He works with a writer for a tabloid newspaper (Danny DeVito) to get his name and picture in the public as much as possible. Crowe plays a cop who protects women being abused by beating up the guys who do it. He also likes to beat up various bad guys to get confessions out of them. Pearce's cop is a goody-two-shoes who'll testify against other cops just to get a promotion. But all three are brought together to try and solve what the papers term the Night Owl Massacre.

The movie starts by letting you get to know all three and a little about what makes them tick. Slowly the three stories converge as they independently try and find out who killed a cop and five other people in the Night Owl Diner. You really have to pay attention to what's going on. If you decide to go to the bathroom halfway through the film, you'll probably miss something important. It's a very in depth story, with names and faces flying by all the time, so you really need to focus on everything to follow what's happening. That and the fact that the movie clocks in at 2 hours and 15 minutes is the only real downfall to L.A. Confidential . It's the kind of movie that doesn't come around very often. The last movie I saw that was this strong story-wise as well as acting-wise was probably Lone Star . Definitely one to see in the theaters. 

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