Text Version Jerry Maguire is an amazing film. It's a smart, engaging story about a sports agent who gets fired, for having a soul, in a business that doesn't want you to have one. It manages to wring every emotion possible out of you. Tom Cruise does another great job (can you remember the last Tom Cruise film that wasn't good?), and proves once and for all, that he is more than just a great smile. Cuba Gooding Jr. has always been an actor I liked to see, and now I think a lot more people are going to like him. His character manages to steal almost every scene he's in. For me, however, the real star of this film, the one that I enjoyed watching the most, was newcomer Renee Zellweger. She is simply enchanting. With a simple twitch of the eyebrow, or movement of her lips, she can change her emotions, and change yours with her. She can keep Cruise's manic energy in check, and at the same time not get overshadowed by her popular co-star. I expect to see a lot more of Miss Zellweger in the near future. Jerry Maguire follows Cruise as he leaves a very lucrative job as a sports agent, because he decides that the job has become everything he's not. But the real question in the movie, is if that is really true. He wants agents to become more personal with their clients. He thinks clients deserve more from their agents than just being there for contract decisions. If they have a friendship first, then their working relationship will become even stronger. The one thing Cruise doesn't realize, is that even more important than all that, the one thing that can hold him together, is a strong home life. Something he has neglected, and the only thing that makes him what he is. When he finally realized that his wife (Zellweger) is the one thing that makes him whole, the emotions take over. Jerry Maguire is a movie you should definitely not miss.
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