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Piper Perabo
as Rachel

Matthew Goode
as Heck

Lena Headey
as Luce

Darren Boyd
as Coop

Anthony Head
as Ned

Celia Imrie
as Tessa

Boo Jackson
as 'H'

Written and Directed
by Ol Parker

Running Time: 1:34

Rated R
for some language and sexual material.



Imagine Me & You was a fun yet simple love story with a small little twist to keep things interesting.


Rachel and Heck are in love and are getting married. But as Rachel walks down the aisle, her eye catches someone who she immediately knows is her one true love. The twist? That one true love is another woman, Luce. At first Rachel isn't sure what she feels, but as time goes on, she realizes that she and Luce were meant to be together. It helps that Luce is a lesbian and is already attracted to Rachel. But what to do about Heck? He's a perfectly nice guy who only wants to make his wife happy. Unfortunately, when love is involved, even the best intentions can go to, heck.


I don't think giving away the twist in Imagine Me & You is a big deal since it takes place about five minutes into the movie. From there you have what was, at times, a very funny movie, filled with enjoyable characters and a fun loving spirit. But the movie had one big downfall: there was no one to root against. Here's my point. In a movie with a love triangle, it helps when you're cheering on two of the characters to get together and hating the third. Take a movie like Must Love Dogs where you had a triangle with Diane Lane caught between John Cusack and Dermot Mulroney. Both were nice guys and while watching I couldn't figure out whom I wanted her to be with. Then Dermot goes and does one thing that hurt Diane and suddenly I wanted her to leave him and be with John Cusack. At that point the movie became worthwhile because I had something to hold on to, otherwise one of the guys would have been hurt and that wouldn't be any fun at all. With Imagine Me & You as much as I am a big fan of true love and would normally be happy for Rachel to find that perfect person, what about Heck? He was a really nice guy and I felt connected to him. Here he was, thinking life was going great. He was in love and married, his job sucked, but he had dreams, and he had someone to share them with. Now suddenly, his wife is in love with another person, and he had done nothing wrong, yet somehow he was the one in pain. It can't be easy to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else. So therein lies the problem with the movie. I wanted Rachel and Luce to be happy, but I didn't want it at the expense of Heck.

And I think the filmmakers realized that was going to be a problem as well, because they tacked on a horrible ending in which seemingly only a few months later, Heck was on the prowl and picking up women on airplanes. He seemed like nothing had happened and his wife hadn't just left him for another woman. It was like we were being told that heck, if you can't be with the one you love, any warm body will do. The rest of the movie, while, like I said before, had some funny moments, sort of plodded along without letting us get to know the characters. Beyond a physical attraction I didn't see why Rachel and Luce cared for each other. I run into nice people all the time, but it doesn't mean I fall in love with them. Depending on the person of course. The movie seemed heavily edited and it makes me wonder if there was a lot of story left on the cutting room floor that would have helped explain why these people did what they did.

As far as the acting went, Piper Perabo did a good job pulling off an English accent. Matthew Goode had just the right facial expressions for his feelings and he really did make me feel like I knew him. Boo Jackson, a newcomer who played Rachel's sister, was a delight and had some of the best moments in the film. Although there was a small moment where she meets a boy for the first time that went nowhere, until that tacked on ending where we got see where everyone ended up down the road.


So overall, Imagine Me & You was a middle-of-the-road movie. It had some funny moments and some touching scenes, but since everyone was so nice, there was no one to cheer for and no one to root against and I ended up just feeling bad for Heck.

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reviewed 01/22/06

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