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Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Running Time: 1:52
Rated R for strong violence, language, and some sexuality/nudity.

While I did enjoy the special effects in Hollow Man, I never did figure out the point of the whole movie. It seemed to me that basically it was a chance for a horny scientist to get his jollies while being invisible. And as much as that may be every male fantasy come to life, it's not really a strong plot line.

Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Caine, a world renowned scientist picked by the government to try and make people invisible. You would think something like that would be difficult, but in this case, it's not making people invisible that's hard, it's bringing them back. So along with his team of scientists, including Linda McKay (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin), he attempts to bring back a gorilla from invisibility. When they have success, they decide to go to Phase 3: making a human invisible. Sebastian of course plays the guinea pig, but what was supposed to only be a 3 day invisibility, ends up going much, much longer, because they can't bring him back. Now of course Sebastian gets a little upset with this, but decides to wander the streets annoying people. There is one scene that while playing on the male fantasy of being able to spy on a woman while she's naked, takes it too far. And that's when the movie started to go downhill for me.

There didn't seem to be much of a point to the movie. Sebastian is invisibile, and then he goes nuts. There was some discussion that it may have been something going on in his brain due to being invisible, but that never was really explained. The only real explaination for his psychotic behavior was jealousy and fear. Jealous that his ex-girlfriend Linda was now shacking up with fellow scientist Matt. And fear that if anyone found out that they entered Phase 3 without the government's go ahead, his career would be over. But even that doesn't explain how he then goes around killing people. There was nothing I saw earlier in the movie that would lead me to believe that he could so easily turn psycho and start butchering people. He just sort of started killing to save his own career and life. He did it so he could live his life invisible and no one would know about it, but there wasn't a lot of thought put into how he could exactly accomplish that. While being invisible sounds like fun for a while, I don't imagine that it would be something I'd enjoy for the rest of my life, even if I could put some latex on myself and wander around like a freak.

I get the feeling this movie was made so that we could see some interesting special effects, and some naked women. The ultimate guy movie, just without the sports. I have always said that great special effects will only carry you so far, you need a strong plot line to actual make the movie good. And Hollow Man didn't in my opinion, have a strong plot line. Basically allowing Sebastian to fulfill his own sexual desires wasn't enough for me to really enjoy the movie. And then when he starts to kill people, the reasoning behind it wasn't enough for me. Let me ask you this. He tries to kill everyone, so that no one knows he's invisible, and he can go on living his life without people realizing what was happening, right? So let's say they did tell on him, and people did know that he was invisible. So what? His career is over in either case. And if he's invisible, how hard would it really be to escape and go somewhere else? It's not like he couldn't hide somewhere.

Anyway, the bottom line is, I liked the special effects, I thought the plot line was weak, and oh yeah, I thought the dialogue was some of the cheesiest I've heard in a while. Again I think the film makers thought, well, we've got some really cool effects, maybe people won't notice that we don't have a coherent plot and the writing sucks. So overall, if you really want to see Hollow Man, I'd wait until video. You won't be missing much.

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