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Ben Stiller
as Eddie Cantrow

Michelle Monaghan
as Miranda

Jerry Stiller
as Doc

Malin Akerman
as Lila

Carlos Mencia
as Uncle Tito

Rob Corddry
as Mac

Written by Scot Armstrong and Leslie Dixon
and Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly & Kevin Barnett

Directed by Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Running Time: 2:20

Rated R
for strong sexual content, crude humor and language.



The Heartbreak Kid was a raunchy comedy that had a lot of laughs, but also a lot of dead spots.


Eddie is a lifelong bachelor who never he imagined getting married... until he meets Lila. He falls in love quickly, and when he finds out she might have to move to Holland, he proposes to her so she can stay in the country. But as soon as the wedding is over, Eddie realizes he may have gotten in way over his head. Lila is not what she was before they got married. On their honeymoon, Eddie meets Miranda and falls for her. But he has to figure out how to get rid of Lila first.


The Heartbreak Kid started off well enough. We meet Eddie and watch him get a little humiliated in front of his ex-girlfriend at her wedding. Then we quickly move to him meeting Lila and marrying her. Everything seems fine until they leave for their honeymoon when her personality starts to come out more. She's a little annoying, but based on what we saw earlier, Eddie has a very short fuse when it comes to women. So are we really surprised that he quickly gets annoyed with Lila? We find out some interesting things about her past and Eddie is turned off by all of it. But how can the audience feel sympathetic towards him for not finding out these things earlier? He married a woman he had only known for 6 weeks just so she wouldn't leave the country. It's not unimaginable that there would be things about their pasts the other didn't like.

Eddie then meets a very sweet Miranda and, again, quickly falls for her. But this is where the movie starts to falter. When we first met Lila, she was very sweet and nice and you liked her. Then she starts to get a little annoying and have some habits that get under your skin. But from the time Eddie meets Miranda, the writers turn Lila into a very sympathetic character. She gets severely sunburned and has to spend the rest of her honeymoon indoors. She becomes very quiet and subdued and embarrassed about what happened. When Eddie lies to her and says he has a business meeting that could help his company, Lila is willing to put aside her pain and go out and be the faithful wife. Because Lila becomes someone that the audience starts to like again, it puts Eddie into a bad light and therefore, no longer someone we want to root for. All I kept thinking was, go back to your wife! The Eddie/Miranda relationship was harder to accept because we had already seen Eddie fall for someone very quickly. Why would we believe that he actually liked Miranda? There was really nothing about Eddie that made me want to cheer for him. I didn't care if he was happy at all, because he didn't really deserve it.

The ending of the movie was amazingly bizarre. It was like there were two additional endings tacked on. First when he tries to get back into the United States, and then the very last scene/joke in the film, which I won't ruin. I felt like the filmmakers thought, hey, this movie is too short, let's just keep going and see what happens. It didn't make the movie any better and in fact, made Eddie even more insane. The last joke of the film I could see coming from miles away so it wasn't even that funny. There was a lot of attempts at shock humor that sometimes hit the mark and sometimes didn't. Some of it was gross just for the sake of being gross, although I will admit, there were a few scenes that had me really laughing out loud.

And there's the real reason people are going to go see the movie: the laughs. There were some scenes that were genuinely funny. Anything that involved Jerry Stiller or Rob Corddry usually made me laugh, especially Corddry's growing out of his bangs. Carlos Mencia was pretty awful in his small role, so if you enjoy him, I feel sorry for you. There weren't a lot of laughs from Michelle Monaghan's Miranda, but there were a lot from Malin Akerman's Lila. She could go from sweet to slightly insane very quickly and her quirks were very bizarre. I think I probably enjoyed her role the most because it was so diverse. And what about Ben Stiller? Other than a couple of tries 5-10 years ago, Stiller hasn't expanded his characters in a long time. All of his characters seem to be somewhat nice guys with a very neurotic personality who has bad things happen to him. He'll act normal, then start to sputter then act like an idiot to try and make things right again. This role was right in his wheelhouse and he did his usual good job. There just wasn't anything special about it.


So overall, I liked The Heartbreak Kid. There was just enough humor to sustain it for the entire film, even if the story was completely ridiculous.

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reviewed 10/03/07

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