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Owen Wilson
as Rick

Jason Sudeikis
as Fred

Jenna Fischer
as Maggie

Christina Applegate
as Grace

Nicky Whelan
as Leigh

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Written by Pete Jones & Peter Farrelly
& Kevin Barnett & Bobby Farrelly

Directed by Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Running Time: 1:45

Rated R
for crude and sexual humor throughout,
language, some graphic nudity and drug use.



Hall Pass was a rude & crude film that got laughs from trying to be as graphic as possible, but not from much else.


Best friends Rick and Fred have pretty good marriages to Maggie and Grace respectively. But they've hit a rut and the women feel the guys think about nothing other than sex. After on particularly humiliating encounter at a friends house, the women decide to give the guys a hall pass - one week off of marriage, no strings attached. Thinking they've just fallen into every man's dream, Rick and Fred plan out an entire week of debauchery. Except, they soon realize that they may be too old for all of the late night and hitting on girls (and getting rejected). Meanwhile, the women also realize they're not married for a week and manage to have even more fun than the guys. But towards the end of the week, everything comes to a head and that's when the guys realize that they love their wives more than anything and rush to try and get back to them.


I had no idea Hall Pass was a Farrelly Brothers film until the final credits hit. I don't remember seeing their names in any of the ads/trailers I saw, but once I knew it was there, the entire movie made more sense. This is definitely a Farrelly Brothers film. It's filled with some of the most graphic and disgusting scenes you can imagine, and yet they manage to get a lot of laughs. The story was kind of dumb but I have to admit, there was more than one time I had to cover my mouth from laughing... and my eyes from what I was seeing. I thought the cast was pretty good - Owen Wilson felt a little out of place in such a rude comedy - but Jason Sudeikis was the perfect horndog husband. Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate played the wives and fit right in, since for the most part their roles didn't involve as much graphicness. And because they're so sweet hearing certain words come of their mouths made it sound dirtier. The supporting cast was good as well and I don't know where Nicky Whelan has been all my life, but that girl needs to show up more often. She's arguably one of the most perfect women to appear in a film, especially when you include that Australia accent. I also liked seeing Stephen Merchant show up without Ricky Gervais by his side. I always put the two of them together - I love their podcasts - but he's pretty funny by himself.

So here's where I'll give away from of the bigger laughs in the film. There are two scenes in particular that stand out. One involved Owen Wilson falling asleep in a hot tub and being rescued by two very naked men - one black and one Irish. Yes, the movie does go there, very graphically. The second involves Jason Sudeikis bringing a girl back to his hotel room. She's not feeling very well but can't throw up. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she sneezes and... well let's say instead of throwing up, something comes out of the other end and splatters all over the well. Sudeikis' reaction is perfect, because after a week of craziness, this feel like the topping on the cake. It was one of the grossest scenes you'll find in movies. The audience couldn't decide whether to laugh or groan and most did both. The rest of the movie isn't as graphic but there are a lot of crude moments that pass the time. It's the in between moments that make the movie slow down a lot. And after all the talk, one of the four characters does in fact cheat on their spouse, and that felt really out of place in the film. They sort of tried to play it for a laugh, but then the entire story line feel off the edge of the movie. Didn't quite get why that was needed to be a part of the movie. Other scenes I enjoyed were when the guys eat one too many 'brownies' while playing golf, and Nicky Whelan attempting to seduce Owen Wilson and showing off her assets. Definitely the highlight of the movie.


So overall, I liked Hall Pass. If you're looking for a no-nonsense, rude and crude comedy, this is for you. It's not a great film, but there are more than enough laughs to make it worthwhile.

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Reviewed 02/26/11

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