Directed by Steve Miner
Running Time: 1:25

Is this the end of Michael Myers? The battle of good vs. evil takes place in what has been billed as the final installment of the popular Halloween series in Halloween: H20. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has spent the last 20 years living with the horror of her past. Her brother Michael killed their sister, and has spent the rest of his life trying to kill Laurie. For 20 years however, she hasn't heard anything from him, but now, on Halloween, Michael is back. Laurie has moved to a small boarding school in California, and changed her life. She faked her own death, and is now living as Keri Tate. The only person who knows the truth about her is her 17-year-old son John (Josh Hartnett). Everyday she lives with the fear that Michael will come back. This time, she's right.

I have to tell you first off, I love horror films. Movies like the original Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and current classic Scream are among my all time favorites. So when I heard that not only were they making another sequel to Halloween, but that Jamie Lee Curtis was reprising her character from the original, I had to go see it. And I wasn't disappointed. There was only one problem I had with the movie. However, telling you the problem would give away basically the entire story, so if you want to know what the problem was, Click Here, but I warn you, it will ruin the entire story.

But continuing on, this movie was full of the normal horror film chills and thrills. Michael kills a bunch of people with his trusty kitchen knife. There are a lot of those, you think Michael is there but it turns out to be someone else, moments, where the music tries to scare you just as much as the action on the screen. Having Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie is great, because you actually feel like this production is bigger and better than your normal horror film. Michael seems a lot meaner, and a lot more calculating than in the past, which just makes him that much scarier. And that mask still gives me nightmares. Adam Arkin, Michelle Williams, and LL Cool J are some of the supporting characters, and I'll let you guess which one (or ones) survives. And my favorite scene, one that you see in the commercials, is when Laurie and Michael look at each other through a small window. It's truly like the face of good and the face of evil are separated only by a thin piece of glass. Maybe that's a metaphor for life. Sorry, got a little philosophical there.

Besides the title and having Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie, there's nothing about this film that makes it stand out. But what it does offer is the chance to go out and get scared, and that it does very well. People were jumping out of their seats every few minutes, and during the climactic scenes, every few seconds. The production looks more polished than almost all of the cheesy horror films that come out today, and the direction I noticed was also a lot better. Overall, if you're a horror film fan, and you like the tradition of the Halloween series, I'd definitely go out and see Halloween: H20. And if you know nothing about the original, and just want a good scare, this one will do it for you.

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