Directed by Doug Liman
Running Time: 1:42
Rated R for strong drug content, sexuality, language and some violence

Go was a very well made and funny movie. The story and visuals may not be for everyone, but if you like something that's a little different than mainstream, I suggest you go out and see Go.

The movie starts out showing us a bunch of characters, then goes off in three different story arcs (two of which interact with each other) then it all comes back together in the end. In arc 1, Sarah Polley plays Ronna, a cashier at the local grocery store. Needing money for rent, she decides to sell drugs to make some cash. But things happen and she ends up selling asprin and other over the counter medicines instead, while still making $400 out of it. This however incurs the wrath of the local drug dealer Todd (Timothy Olyphant) who sets out to kill her but has his job almost done for him by a yellow car (who of course are in arc 3). Riding along with Ronna is her best friend Claire (played by the incomparable Katie Holmes).

Arc 2 starts off in the same grocery store with Ronna's co-worker Simon (Desmond Askew) who goes to Vegas with friends and ends up having sex with two women, shooting a bodyguard, setting a hotel on fire, stealing a car and ultimately pissing off some people who decide to kill him. One of his friends on the trip to Vegas is played by Taye Diggs who looks damn smooth in this role. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more out of him with the success of this film and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

And last, Arc 3 starts off with two customers in the grocery store who try and buy drugs from Ronna. They're two actors who have gotten into a little trouble with the law and who are gay (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr). All they're trying to do is help the police so that they don't have to go to jail themselves and they end up almost killing someone, then trying to dispose of the body, then they ultimately end up selling Amway.

Finally all three Arcs come to a close at the end. It was a wild ride. I really liked how one story would sort of end, then we'd go right back to the same opening scene, but it would be shot from a slightly different angle and focus on a different set of characters. Each story was a little movie in itself so it made the entire movie that much better. And unlike other movies that might try and do something like this, the story was strong enough that it wasn't confusing, and it didn't give anything away before it had to. The acting was very strong and the visuals were as well. The music and soundtrack were also very good. Go was truly the work of an ensemble cast since no one person stood out from the rest (although I do wish they had used more of Holmes, but that's just my personal preference).

So overall, Go was a fantastic movie. The acting and story line were different and funny. And it was a movie that kept you interested the entire time. The only reason I looked at my watch was just to see how long each arc was and how long it was before the stories all came together. Definitely one to go see (no pun intended).

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