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Jared Padalecki
as Clay Miller

Danielle Panabaker
as Jenna

Amanda Righetti
as Whitney Miller

Travis Van Winkle
as Trent

Aaron Yoo
as Chewie

Derek Mears
as Jason Voorhees

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Written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift

Directed by Marcus Nispel

Running Time: 1:37

Rated R
for strong bloody violence,
some graphic sexual content,
language and drug material.



Friday the 13th gives you what you want from a horror film - blood, gore, sex, violence and more violence.


A young mother, upset at the death of her son due to negligence by camp counselors, exacts revenge on those she blames. Years later, the killings continue as a new group of counselors try to re-open the camp but this time, the young mother is killed herself. But her son has apparently risen from the dead to continue the killing spree. Now, in the year 2009, the young boy is a man named Jason and he's not a happy camper. A group of friends is found near his haunting groups and Jason methodically disposes of them. A few weeks later, the brother of one of the friends goes to look for his sister and comes across yet another group of young good looking people. Jason decides they're not good people as well, and tries to kill all of them. Who will survive the rampage?


This is considered a re-imagining of the Friday the 13th films. They quickly gloss over the whole first movie where the mom turned out to be the killer and instead start this movie with the ending of the original - with her beheading. A young Jason appears immediately afterwards and later one of the soon-to-be-dead kids says a couple of sentences about how he 'returned' from the dead but no one really thinks anything about it. So this movie is really more like Part II from the original series than Part I, except of course the hockey mask didn't appear until Part III but does show up this time. But really, this movie needed to be about Jason and not his mom. I mean let's face it, Jason is the icon, the show-stopper, the main event. He's why people pay the big bucks. And he delivers. The Jason from this re-imagining is much more brutal and at times, thoughtful and methodical than the other one. Yes, he has mommy issues like a lot of psychopaths, but can you blame him? His mom was beheaded right in front of him by a damned teenager. He also moves with the speed of an athlete. The old Jason was very slow and plodding even if he could seemingly show up from miles away in the blink of an eye. New Jason could run down Usain Bolt if he wanted to.

A good horror film should be able to make you jump out of your seat from time to time, have a lot of blood and violence, and naked chicks. Friday the 13th delivers on all counts. Jason kills people in a number of ways with all sorts of objects. One death in particular (of the poor Asian guy) is brutal because it's a slow, bone crunching death that goes on forever. The blood certainly flows freely as well. And there are a whole lot of naked chicks throughout the movie. Not like just one in the beginning, but many thrown around the entire movie. And there are a lot of moments where you will jump out of your seat. While this Jason is for the new millennium, some of the scares are old school. You slowly look behind a curtain, expecting the worst only to see nothing there. But when you turn around, there's Jason! The music kicks in with a thud and then you're dead. The audience jumped out of their seats at least half a dozen times and even threw in a round of applause 20 minutes into the film.

The plot, for what its worth, is decent. The dialogue is remarkably cheesy but I think that's part of the fun. There is a huge fan base for these films and by now audiences have seen it all. There isn't much out there that hasn't been done. Movies like this know the audiences are into it so they purposely make it something where the crowd can yell and make fun of it at the same time. Yes, these kids are really stupid and do non-sensical things, but if they did the right things, where would the fun be? If they immediately just left town as soon as things looked bad, we'd never get to see Jason take someone's head off or throw an axe into their back while running down a path from a good 50 feet away. Because we're so familiar with Jason and his story we immediately get into the film and see Jason as the anti-hero than a bad guy. You want him to chase these kids down and kill them all. OK so maybe you want one or two of the nice ones to survive, but you also really want the annoying preppy kid to get it in the worst way. The more mayhem the better in these kinds of movies and no matter how cheesy it is or how much you've seen it all before, you can't help but cheer for the bad guy. And as you might imagine, the ending (which is a take-off of the original's dream-like ending) leaves us wide open for a sequel.


The Extended Killer Cut DVD gives you about 10 extra minutes of footage compared to the Theatrical Cut and considering they're both single discs and sell for the same price, I'm not sure why anyone would want the Theatrical Cut. The extras however on the Extended Killer Cut are sorely lacking. There are 3 deleted scenes - well one is deleted, and the other two are more like alternate takes. And there is one short documentary that sort of discusses the reimagining of the franchise. But considering how long this franchise has gone on and the amount of information there is out there, I was really hoping for something - anything - more. I have to say that while I love the movie and thought that the picture and sound held up really well on DVD, the extras on the DVD are extremely disappointing.


So overall, I liked Friday the 13th. Yes, I'm a fan of Jason (even playing him in a high school film I made) but if you want a good old school horror film made for the new millennium, this is one to see. Is it great? No. Is it fun? Absolutely.

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reviewed 02/13/09
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