Directed by Tom Green
Running Time: 1:34
Rated R crude sexual and bizarre humor, and for strong language.

Oh dear lord, what have we come to? Freddy Got Fingered has got to be one of the stupidest movies ever made. Other than maybe one somewhat funny scene, there was nothing redeeming about this movie. Nothing.

Tom Green plays Gord, a good-for-nothing 28 year old who wants to become an animator. After failing miserably in his first try, he moves back home and basically spends his life annoying people. His father, played by Rip Torn, is probably as crazy, but his craziness is directed towards his son. Gord's craziness is directed towards everyone. So blah blah blah, along the way Gord meets a beautiful nurse (Marisa Coughlan) who is in a wheelchair and enjoys getting off by someone beating her legs with a bamboo cane. Gord also has a brother named Freddy who ends up in an institution for molested children after Gord accuses his father of fingering Freddy (get it?) as a child. Freddy is of course 25 at the time he's taken away. And then Gord and his father end up in Pakistan.

Towards the end of the movie when Gord and his father are returning from Pakistan, there is a large group of people meeting them at the airport. One of them is holding a sign that says, "When the Fuck is this movie going to end?" And that just about says it all for Freddy Got Fingered. Here's what I feel is the major problem with the movie. When Green had his show on MTV and back in Canada, no one really knew who he was. So this way he could go out onto the street and make a complete jackass of himself, and what you'd get is real people with real reactions. And that's what made him so funny. Green would be willing to do anything for a laugh. Whether it's suckling a cow, or shooting a water gun at a security guard, or playing with dead animals on the side of the road, he would do anything to make the viewer laugh. But what made it so funny wasn't so much what he did, but how other people reacted to him.

So now you have this movie, where he recreates a lot of his old stunts, and adds a few new ones in there (masturbating large animals plays a big role in the movie), but the problem is, you know that all the reactions are staged and so what used to be stupid humor with real reactions, now just becomes stupid. There were amazingly horrible things that were done in this movie, and none of them were funny. Birthing a newborn then swinging him around the room by his umbillical cord, licking the protruding bone of a friend after he breaks his leg, the aforementioned masturbation of large animals. And those were just a few of the stunts Green pulled. The only things I even halfway enjoyed were the scene in the restaurant and the cameo appearance by Green's real life wife, Drew Barrymore. But besides that, I was trying my hardest not to fall asleep.

So overall Freddy Got Fingered is nowhere near as funny as the stuff Tom Green puts out on TV. I'm not even sure die-hard fans of Green are going to enjoy this movie. During the closing credits they show some outtakes from the film, and at one point you hear Green go, "what the fuck am I doing?" That about sums it up.

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reviewed 04/20/01

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