Directed by Bronwen Hughes
Running Time: 1:46

A well paced, but ultimately unfulfilling movie, Forces of Nature shows Sandra Bullock at her sexy, girl next door best, but gives you a story that you really don't care about.

Bullock plays Sarah, a discombobulated fun loving woman, who enters the life of Ben (Ben Affleck) who is on his way to his wedding. They meet on a doomed plane ride, and end up having to fight the forces of nature (get it?) to get to Savannah, GA so he can get married and she can see her son. They go from trains, to planes, to automobiles (hmmm...) and along the way they manage to enrich the other person life just a little bit.

I can't say I didn't like Forces of Nature, but there really wasn't a whole lot of substance to it. The plot is one that's been done before. Boy going to marry girl. Boy meets another girl who opens up his eyes to a different world. I suppose the ending was a little different, but these days instead of the old time Hollywood ending, movies have now gone with the anti-Hollywood ending, but it's done so much, that it has now become a Hollywood ending. I hope that made sense.

Sandra Bullock was her good old self again. It's been a while since she's played a character where she can just let go and have a good time. The story line about her husband and her son was a downer, but for the most part she looked like she was having a good time, and looked good doing it. Affleck played the regular straight man role. Suit and tie sort of guy who falls for the outrageous, attractive girl who comes into his life and then by the end of the movie he's loosened up a bit. Affleck is likeable enough in the role. Maura Tierney plays Bridget, Ben's wife to be. It's yet another stock role of the bride to be waiting patiently for her man to come home (although she get a little something something of her own).

Overall Forces of Nature was an enjoyable film that didn't stray too far from normal. The story was ok, and the characters have been done before. So it's basically a matter of liking Affleck and Bullock. If you like them, you'll like the movie, if not, well, go find something else.

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