English PatientEnglish Patient

Winner of too many Academy Awards, I still don't think The English Patient was the best film of the year. Having said that, I still think the film was very good. The English Patient is a story about love, and all the pain, sorrow, and happiness it can bring. It takes place during World War II, and centers around a patient, played wonderfully by Ralph Fiennes, who has amnesia after a plane crash. The movie jumps back and forth from his recovery in a church, with a nurse played by Juliette Binoche, to flashbacks he has about his life during the war. This film is mostly a love story, about how the strength of love, and how important it is. I realized as I was watching this film, that you can't take love for granted. Sometimes fate can snatch it away from you, without letting you say goodbye. You need to treasure the love you have in your life, and never let it get away. The beginning of the film seemed a little far-fetched to me. Why would a nurse in the middle of WWII decide to take one of her patients and live with him in a church? It seemed a little unbelievable to me, but I admit, once the movie got rolling, it had me hooked. The scenery was incredible, and the story was very moving. It was one of those films that tugged at your heart the entire way through. If you want a good movie to see, I suggest you watch this one with the woman or man you love the most. It'll make you appreciate what you have.
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