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Shia LaBeouf
as Jerry Shaw

Michelle Monaghan
as Rachel Holloman

Rosario Dawson
as Zoe Perez

Michael Chiklis
as Defense Secretary Callister

Anthony Mackie
as Major William Bowman

Ethan Embry
as Agent Toby Grant

Billy Bob Thornton
as Agent Thomas Morgan

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Netflix, Inc.

Written by John Glenn & Travis Wright
and Hillary Seitz and Dan McDermott

Directed by D.J. Caruso

Running Time: 1:57

Rated PG-13
for intense sequences of action and violence,
and for language.



Eagle Eye was a pretty good techno thriller that makes you wonder not who, but how many people are out there watching you right now.


Jerry Shaw is your typical bachelor. He has a crappy job, plays poker with his friends in the break room and is always behind on his rent. When his twin (and much more successful) brother dies, Jerry is torn up. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, you have Rachel, a divorced woman with a young son who is just trying to make ends meet. What Jerry and Rachel don't realize is that their lives are about to go completely nuts. Jerry arrives home from his brother's funeral to find explosives and other bomb making material in his apartment. He receives a phone call from an anonymous woman telling him he must get out before the F.B.I. arrives. Jerry does not listen and pays the price. Rachel sends her son off to Washington D.C. on a class trip and while out with her friends, receives a similar phone call saying she's been 'activated' and if she does not do what she's told, her son will die. Jerry and Rachel are thrust together and must follow the orders from the mysterious woman on the phone or they will both suffer serious consequences.


First off let me say that during this review I will likely be giving away a lot of spoilers so don't read any more if you don't want to know what happened.

And before I go any further I'd like to go off on a tangent for just a moment. You know how you can be listening to a song and it kind of sucks, but then you get to the chorus and the chorus rocks and you end up liking the song? Movies and actors are kind of like that too. The prime example of that, for me at least, is The Sixth Sense. I almost fell asleep during the movie because I was completely bored. It was slow moving and not much really happened. Until you got to the last five minutes and suddenly your whole world turned upside down. Those last five minutes completely changed people's opinions of the movie, including mine. Suddenly, I needed to go back and see it again to see how I could have missed that ending. Much like a bad song, once I got to the chorus, I enjoyed the movie. That being said, the opposite is also true. You can have a good movie that gets completely ruined because an ending gets tacked on that's completely unnecessary and that's the taste you leave the theater with. Eagle Eye is just that movie. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and as you can see, gave it a good grade. But the last 30-60 seconds of that movie were absolutely ridiculous and smelled like some studio exec said, 'Hey, let's reshoot the ending so we can have a sequel!'

Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan make a pretty good team even if there isn't a lot of chemistry between them. They both can hold their own in an action film such as this. And the action is almost non-stop. The movie opens with a literal bang and after a few minutes of character introduction, the movie takes off at high speed and never stops. The action sequences tended to get a little out of control, especially the major car chase, and it was hard for your eyes to focus on what was happening. But the pace of the movie was really solid and there was never a moment where I felt bored and needed to check my watch. But the real key to this movie is the story. If the story isn't strong and there are too many holes, the entire film will collapse. But what I really like is that the more I think about it, the more I can't find all that many holes. Certainly some of the things that happen are slightly preposterous, but this is a movie after all. It's the major plot points that all seem to come together slowly but surely. We, the audience, are given little bits of information as the movie progresses so that we don't feel like this is all for nothing. When the big reveal comes however, I've seen enough movies that I didn't go "Oh damn!" and instead went "Oh, OK." The big twist, if you can call it that, isn't all that surprising, but even though it's something we've seen before, it still worked. It's rare that a movie with four credited screenwriters can still be coherent, but there is a first time for everything. Is the movie a perfect action film? Not by any means, but considering there hasn't been an event film in almost six weeks, this one will do just fine.


So overall, I enjoyed Eagle Eye. It has likeable characters, a solid story and some great action sequences. I absolutely hated the tacked on ending which was obviously added on just so they could make a sequel. And unfortunately, that final image is what was on my mind as I left the theater. So I suggest to you that if you see this movie, as soon as you see Michael Chiklis testifying, you get up and walk out. And hey look, I didn't really give away that much of the movie, did I?

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reviewed 09/25/08

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