Directed by Steve Carr

Written by Geoff Rodkey

Running Time: 1:35

Rated PG
for language.


Eddie Murphy
as Charlie Hinton

Jeff Garlin
as Phil

Regina King
as Kim

Steve Zahn
as Marvin

Anjelica Huston
as Mrs. Harridan

Lacey Chavery
as Jennifer


Much like the two Dr. Dolittle films, Daddy Day Care was a decent film with laughs for the kids and a couple of laughs for the adults.


Charlie Hinton works at a marketing agency and his current project is to try and market a cereal to kids, based on vegetables. When it predicatably fails, the company ends up terminating his entire department. At the same time his son has been placed in a very expensive school for young children and Charlie and his wife can no longer afford it. While looking for other places to put his son, Charlie realizes that there are no good day care centers in the area. So he and his friend Phil decide to open Daddy Day Care. When the dead of the other school, Mrs. Harridan, finds out, she does all she can to destroy the school. She comes close to succeeding, and Charlie almost takes his job back at his old company, but after spending so much time with his son and all the other children, Charlie realizes that family is more important and everyone lives happily every after.


Daddy Day Care isn't a terribly deep film. It's basically all about seeing cute kids on screen and watching how the hapless adults relate to them. Whether it's giving cash to the child who doesn't want to leave his mom, or teaching the kid who likes to kick people in the shins how to be polite, the movie is directly aimed at kids. There aren't a lot of 'adult' jokes in here at all. Unlike some animated films that are geared towards children but still have moments adults will laugh at, Daddy Day Care goes straight after the kid vote. Parents will like the fact that they can leave their child at this movie and not have to worry about any violence or language or sexual situations. Not being a parent, I can't say if parents will relate to the families in this movie. If they do, this might be a great movie for them.

Eddie Murphy has had a few flops lately and seemed to want to go back to a simple, sure-fire hit to stop his career from fading away. The movie doesn't allow Eddie to showcase his humor as he is definitely the straight man to the kids comedic charms. Steve Zahn as the mailroom clerk/carrot/new daddy in the day care center gets a few laughs out of his strange character but for the most part all the humor comes from the kids. And as we know, throw enough cute kids (or animals) on screen and you're bound to find something for everyone.


Overall, Daddy Day Care was a cute film but definitely aimed at kids. Adults will find some humor in it, but their kids will love it.

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reviewed 05/11/03

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