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Directed by Dennis Dugan
Running Time: 1:30
Rated PG-13

I guess I was expecting more from Big Daddy. This wasn't nearly as funny as Sandler's last few outings. While movies like The Waterboy and Billy Madison were in your face - laugh out loud funny, Big Daddy was more of a cute/folksy kind of humour that left me thinking that this wasn't really a good Adam Sandler vehicle.

Sandler stars as Sonny Koufax, a toll booth collecter who lives off of a $200,000 settlement he got from having his foot run over. He lives with his girlfriend (Kristy Swanson) but as you might expect, she wants "more" out of the relationship, and leaves him for another, much older man. Sonny wants to win her back, so when a 5 year old boy named Julian (Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse) is left on his doorstep, Sonny adopts him to try and take his relationship to the next level. Well, that backfires and he's stuck with the kid, but he soon falls for the kid, and when Social Services tries to take Julian away, Sonny must fight like he's never fought before to try and keep Julian as his son.

Big Daddy has a plot that sounds more like a Tom Hanks film than an Adam Sandler film. Here Sandler doesn't get any of the laughs, he let's his co-stars (mostly the kid) get all the laughs. It's just not an Adam Sandler film. It's more like he was trying to play a grown up, and no one really wants to see a grown-up Adam Sandler. All the laughs came from either piss and vomit jokes, or from how cute a 5 year old can be. There wasn't any of the in your face laughs that Sandler generally delivers. It was just a bittersweet story that left more people crying at the end than laughing (I actually heard someone behind me say, "I can't believe I'm crying".) A movie like The Wedding Singer was also Sandler playing a more grown up role, but there the story was different. It focused on the early 80's and still allowed Sandler to let loose at times. Big Daddy had a story that was all too familiar, and kept Sandler's humor tied up and restrained.

So overall, Big Daddy was nothing special. It didn't feature the kind of Adam Sandler laughs we're all used to, and in my opinion, it turned out to be a disappointment.

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