Written by David Garrett, Dave Garrett, Jason Ward
Directed by Rob Pritts

Running Time: 1:25

Rated PG-13
drug and sex-related humor, and for language.

Chris Kattan
as Corky Romano

and featuring...
Peter Falk
Vinessa Shaw
Peter Berg
Chris Penn
Richard Roundtree
Matthew Glave
Fred Ward
Vincent Pastore

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Following in the great footsteps of other dumb comedies from the likes of Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Farley, David Spade and Norm MacDonald, Chris Kattan enters the wide world of the big screen in his first solo headlining gig with Corky Romano. Full of un-PC, flatulence, and other down and dirty humour, whether or not you like the movie depends wholly on whether or not you like Kattan.

The plot, as it is, involves Kattan as Corky Romano, the legitimate son of a mob boss (Peter Falk). While Corky's two older brothers (Peter Berg, Chris Penn) have followed in their father's footsteps, Corky is off on his own, becoming an assistant veterinarian. But when the family is being sought by the F.B.I., the family asks Corky to go undercover as an F.B.I. agent and steal back the evidence against them. There is of course the tried and true tough guy agent (Matthew Glave), the head honcho (Richard Roundtree), and the ever present generic "woman" who for some reason falls for the lead (Vinessa Shaw). Along the way Corky manages to fool everyone into thinking he's an actual agent by solving some cases, nabbing the bad guy, and generally being a lucky bastard. In the end everything works out for everyone involved, and of course he gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

Not the most complex script ever written of course, nor the best acted film ever. I don't think we'll be seeing Corky Romano winning any awards any time soon. But it does have a certain charm about it, and like I said earlier, it all depends on how you feel about Chris Kattan. I for one enjoy him. I thought he stole the show in Monkeybone, and I generally enjoy his sketches on SNL. In this movie he plays a guy who is constantly moving. And I mean that literally. Even when he's just standing there listening to someone else talk, he's fidgeting. And when he accidently ingests cocaine, well you can imagine where that leads (although doing a take off of his old Butabi brothers routine with the kids is rather funny). Kattan has got an obvious manic personality that will either drive you nuts, or make you smile.

The supporting cast was actually a pretty solid cast with the likes of Peter Falk, Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Richard Roundtree, Vincent Pastore and Fred Ward joining Kattan. Vinessa Shaw does well playing the generic hot girl who falls for the bumbling lead. And it was nice to see Rena Mero (better known as former WWF star Sable) getting a job as a bouncer who does a few wrestling moves on Corky. While for most of the supporting cast this isn't the kind of work they're used to, they all do the straight man to Kattan's idiot fairly well.

So add in some good music, and you've got Corky Romano, a movie about an inept simpleton who infiltrates the F.B.I., solves two big cases, and gets the girl all in less than 90 minutes. Good for a few laughs but much more suited for DVD viewing in a few months.

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reviewed 10/13/01

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