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Mel Gibson stars as Jerry Fletcher, a New York cab driver, who comes up with outrageous conspiracy theories. Only, maybe they're not so outrageous. Every time he comes up with a new theory, he runs to Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts) who works in the Justice Department. The problem is, everyone thinks Jerry is nuts, and he may very well be. Gibson plays a character unlike any other he's played in recent memory. Jerry thinks the world is out to get him, he talks to fast, and thinks too much. Alice puts up with him because he saved her life once when she was getting mugged by two guys. But maybe it wasn't a coincidence that Jerry was there at that time. The movie keeps you guessing about a lot of things. Why did Jerry choose Alice? How does he know so much about her? Who killed Alice's father 6 months ago? Who are these people chasing after Jerry (including Patrick Stewart)? Why are they chasing after him? And is everything connected somehow to Jerry's conspiracy theories? There seem to be 4 or 5 sets of people and they all have hidden agendas. No one tells the truth, no one knows the secrets. It may sound confusing, and at some points it was, but whenever another level is placed on top, the level below is answered. This was a very dark movie. Not a light buddy action-adventure like Lethal Weapon. It's very mysterious, but Gibson and Roberts make it very engaging. Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors, so I generally like anything he's in, and Julia Roberts is back after a few years of miserable films. This movie is not for everyone, but it's well worth seeing.

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