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Matt Damon
as Jason Bourne

Julia Stiles
as Nicky Parsons

David Strathairn
as Noah Vosen

Scott Glenn
as Ezra Kramer

Paddy Considine
as Simon Ross

Edgar Ramirez
as Paz

Albert Finney
as Dr. Albert Hirsch

Joan Allen
as Pamela Landy

Written by Tony Gilroy and Scott Z. Burns
and George Nolfi

Directed by Paul Greengrass

Running Time: 1:55

Rated PG-13
for violence and intense sequences of action.



Since I went in prepared this time, I found that I enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum more than the previous two films.


Once again it seems the world is after Jason Bourne, when all he wants is to figure out who he really is. But no matter what country he's in, someone wants to kill him. This time however, Bourne finds someone who can actually help him discover his past and in doing so, he uncovers a lot more than he ever expected.


So I remember not liking The Bourne Supremacy because of the fact that the camera shook so much it gave me a headache. I swore not to watch another movie by that director. Of course he went on to direct United 93, which in my opinion was one of the best films of last year. So this time I went into the theaters expecting the camera to move non-stop, and with a higher opinion of the director. What I got was a film that was almost completely non-stop action and pretty good from start to finish. There was maybe 5-10 minutes in the whole film where something wasn't happening. We got to finally learn the truth about Jason Bourne and about where he came from and who he really is. I'm not sure it was a very satisfying explanation - considering it's taken 3 movies to get here - but it was a reasonable one. But the story isn't what drives this film: it's the action.

From the start we see Bourne shot and while injured still manages to beat up an armed Russian solider. For the rest of the movie we get to witness Bourne being Bourne. During one extended sequence in a Waterloo train station, Bourne not only manages to get into a fight with half a dozen people, and beat them all, he manages to lead a newspaper reporter through a maze of people trying to kill them both. If only the reporter had trusted Bourne as much as we do. It was a brilliantly filmed cat and mouse sequence that had the audience applauding at the end.

Bourne is a quiet, thoughtful man who can kill anyone at any time. As played by Matt Damon, he shows virtually no emotion. He's sort of a meaner, less suave 007, although I'm betting head to head, Bourne would win. The thing about these films is that they're more 'real' action than most of the action films you see today. There isn't a lot of CGI, just man vs. man. In the last movie he used a newspaper to beat someone up. This time around he uses a book. Bourne doesn't need fancy gadgets to get the job done. His supporting cast is mainly along for the ride. Because Bourne doesn't show any emotion, the rest of the cast gets to show the various stages of fear, anger and happiness. We see familiar faces from the past films, and a couple of new recognizable ones pop up to get in Bourne's way. Needless to say, things don't always end well for them.

I think what I liked most about the movie was that for an end-of-summer blockbuster, it had enough of a story to make you think, and more than enough action to be satisfying. It's definitely a movie that I think everyone can enjoy. There isn't a lot of romance, although there is a tease about one in the past. It's just basically a non-stop thrill ride that leaves you wanting more.


So overall, I enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum more than the previous two films. If you're looking for a great action film, look no further than Jason Bourne.

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reviewed 08/02/07

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