The Blair Witch Project
Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
Running Time: 1:21
Rated R for emotionally disturbing scenes

There is no question that The Blair Witch Project is unlike any other film you're likely to see this year. With an eerie realness to it, the movie takes you on a journey with three young people to find out the truth of the Blair Witch.

Heather, Michael and Josh all head out into the woods to do a documentary on the legend of the Blair Witch. They interview some townspeople, get some background, and then go into the woods. What was supposed to be a weekend trip to film some footage, turns into their worst nightmare. One year after they disappear, their footage is found, buried in an abandoned burned out house.

The best thing about this movie is the ability to blend reality and fiction. There isn't a person in this country who hasn't heard of this movie, but how many people believe it's true? Did these three kids really disappear 5 years ago, or is this only make believe? From an impressive web site, to a special on the Sci-Fi Network, to just an amazing underground buzz, the line between truth and reality is blurred almost to the point of non-existance. Never has there been a movie with so much effort put into building a huge back story leading into the actual film. Was there a Blair Witch? Was she really sent into the woods to die? Did children mysteriously disappear? Who killed 7 children in an old house? Is any of it real?

Watching the film, you really felt like you were just watching a friends home movies (other than the fact that most friends home movies aren't edited and partly shot on 16mm black and white film). No steadicams, no special lighting, and most of the time, no script. Just three kids out in the woods having the most terrifying time of their life. The movie showed, very well I might add, all three of them go from fun loving documentary artists, to three people slowly losing their minds. The movie builds very slowly to a very creepy and frightening climax.

The buzz for Blair Witch has been astounding, and while mainstream American might be hoping for more after all the hype, this movie definitely has all the chills and thrills a good old fashioned horror movie needs. No slashers with knives on their fingers, no one wearing a mask, just good mental horror. While it didn't completely live up to the hype, it was a great showcase for young, hardworking filmmakers to see how you can make a great film by having a good story, good young actors, and a belief that the movie you're making is going to be great.

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