Before and After Can someone tell me what the point of this movie was? A girl is found dead, the son (Edward Furlong) of an artist (Liam Neeson) and a doctor (Meryl Streep) is the suspect, and for the entire movie, either someone is lying or covering up. The movie starts with the dead girl, and the police coming to the house to find the son. The father, for no apparent reason won't let the police search the son's car or his room, and seemingly thinks his son is guilty of murder. He then goes to the car himself, finds what could be incriminating evidence, and burns it. Does no one have faith in the justice system anymore? This movie to me was less of a thriller, and more of a look at the American Legal System, and how no one trusts anyone, even family. Did the kid kill the girl? No one really cares. If he did, well why should he pay for it? If he didn't well we'll just make sure to lie enough so that there isn't any chance of him going to jail. How could a movie with such big name, talented stars, be such a dud? The characters are annoying, with Neeson playing the father as such a tow-headed idiot who won't listen to anyone but himself, and Streep playing a mother who whines a lot and is never sure of what she's supposed to be doing. I thought this was supposed to be a murder, who-done-it type thriller, and instead I found myself reading my grocery receipts and balancing my checkbook to try and stay awake for the entire film. Save your money and rent something else.
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