Written by Jason Richman, Michael Browning
Directed by Joel Schumacher

Running Time: 1:56

Rated PG-13
for intense sequences of violent action, some sensuality and language.

Anthony Hopkins
as Gaylord Oakes

Chris Rock
as Jake Hayes

Gabriel Macht
as Agent Seale

Garcelle Beauvais
as Nicole

Peter Stormare
as Adrik Vas

Kerri Washington
as Julie

Bad Company (Double Sided)
Bad Company
(Double Sided)


Bad Company wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't a really good movie. Beyond a couple of chase scenes and a few Chris Rock one-liners, the movie was just so-so.


Kevin Pope (Chris Rock) is a member of the CIA. Along with Agent Gaylord Oaks (Anthony Hopkins) he is trying to purchase a suitcase nuclear bomb from a member of the Russian Mafia. There is another group also interested in the bomb, but they can't afford the same amount of money, so they need to kill Pope so that the Russian will be forced to sell it to them. They succeed in killing Pope, but unbeknownst to them, Pope has a twin brother named Jake Hayes. The CIA gets Hayes to impersonate Pope and try and keep the deal going so that the bomb doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Along the way Hayes gets into some trouble, deals with his girlfriend leaving him and somehow manages to save the day.


The movie wasn't a total waste. There were a couple of nice action sequences, especially one car chase. And Chris Rock had a lot of one-liners, some funny, some not. But for the most part, the movie was rather dull. Not was I expected from a Bruckheimer/Schumacher pairing. I figured there would be a lot more action, a few more explosions, that sort of thing. Instead there was more attempts at comedy than I liked. Chris Rock is fine stand-up comic, but as an actor he's still a fine stand-up. His acting seems to be just filler before he can let off another joke, or in the case of the movie a joke or a scream. He must have screamed more in this movie than he has in his entire life. There were long portions of the film where all he was doing was screaming. Anthony Hopkins was decent in his role. It was sometimes strange seeing him running after people; he looks a little old to be doing things like that. The rest of the cast was pretty straight forward. No one that really stood out from the rest, no one that I really cared about. Some of the story didn't make a lot of sense, and if you really stopped to think about what was happening, there were a lot of flaws, but movies like this aren't really there for story purposes, they're there just to entertain. And when they don't entertain, then they can get boring.


Overall, there's not much that can be said about Bad Company. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it had some good action, but for the most part, its something that can be rented and doesn't need to be seen in the theaters.

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reviewed 06/08/02

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