Austin Powers
Text Version This movie was absolutely hilarious. I can not remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie, and that includes Liar, Liar. I know what you're thinking, that it looks so cheesy in the commercials, but let me tell you, the commercials do not do this movie justice. Mike Meyers has outdone himself this time. Meyers plays Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Back in 1967 he was chasing his arch enemy, Dr. Evil (also played by Meyers). Dr. Evil had himself frozen, so he could come back some time in the future to try and take over the world again. Powers did the same, and as you've seen on TV, he's a 60's hero living in the 90's. This movie is a total spoof of the James Bond type action films of the past. From the opening dance number, to the final flying Big Boy, (you'll understand when you see it), the entire film is wonderful. Meyers, who also wrote the film, plays both the good guy and the bad guy brilliantly. Elizabeth Hurley, as his knockout partner, adds more than just a pretty face to the film. I understand Austin Powers was originally supposed to be a Saturday Night Live sketch that never made it on the air. I'm glad Meyers decided to bring it to the big screen. I just hope it doesn't get lost among the big "event" movies on the rental shelves. If you want to see a truly funny film, go see Austin Powers.

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