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Directed by Davis Guggenheim

Running Time: 1:40

Rated PG
for mild thematic elements.



An Inconvenient Truth was a surprisingly strong documentary that informed as well as entertained.


Since losing the presidential race in 2000, Al Gore has gone throughout the country to try and get people to understand the importance of global warming. He has given the same speech and presentation thousands of times and now has captured it on film to try and reach an even bigger audience. Based solely on the topic, it was fair to say I wasn't really expecting much. I thought there would be a lot of charts and graphs and eggheads telling me what to think. And there were in fact a lot of charts and graphs, but what surprised me the most was that I was never bored. Al Gore is a tremendous speaker and has the ability to take what could be a slow moving topic and spice it up while still teaching.

I knew the very basics of global warming before I saw the documentary, but I didn't know the details. It was all very interesting, even if some of the points were glossed over without explanation. The biggest question to me is, will this film change anyone's mind? If you already believe global warming is a serious problem, then this film will reinforce that notion. If you don't believe it's a problem, or at least that it is a problem that is already being fixed, then you may not see anything that will change your mind. The fence sitters - people who haven't decided one way or another - are the people I believe this film is targeting. There is always a large undecided portion of the population and when they get motivated to do something, that's when changes are made. I was a fence sitter, someone who knew there was a problem, but didn't know what to do about it. And Gore made me see things that I never knew existed. I know not only the history of the problem, but also the future. And if a documentary can make you think and want to change, then it has done its job.

There aren't a lot of extras on the DVD. A couple of commentary tracks and a music video, but I guess the main feature is an extra 32 minutes of footage. Kind of an update from Gore on how things are going. Watching it on a smaller screen doesn't take away from the impact of the film at all, so if you missed it in theaters, you should definitely catch up on it now.


So overall, I thought An Inconvenient Truth was a well made, very informative documentary that manages to tell give you information in a way that you'll listen to without feeling bored or pandered to. Definitely worth a look.

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reviewed 05/24/06
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