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Directed by McG
Running Time: 1:37
Rated PG-13 for action violence, innuendo and some sensuality/nudity.

Can anyone say Franchise? Featuring a killer soundtrack, some amazing stunts and special effects, and some bad ass babes, Charlie's Angels is destined to become a very lucrative franchise. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu head up the cast of a very cool, very stylish film that has all the markings of a summer film, but in the fall.

The three Angels are an elite fighting force run by a reclusive millionaire named Charlie. Lead by their boss Bosley (Bill Murray), the ladies are always trying to save the world from disaster. The movie starts with an opening sequence that would make James Bond blush, with a midair parachute chase and explosion. We get a little but of a back story of the girls, but nothing too specific. Then the story kicks in. It seems as if a famous software company's owner has been kidnapped by a rival. The plan is to combine the two forces and create a system that can track any person in the world, by their voice and their phone. The Angels are recruited to help find the company owner and foil the plot. But with a somewhat predictable plot turn, everything gets flipped upside down, and soon the Angels are fighting for their own lives, as well as the lives of Bosley and Charlie.

I'm thinking plot isn't a huge issue in this movie. The movie is all about explosions, fighting, killer outfits, and of course, the Angels. Right from the start, if you don't like Diaz, Barrymore or Liu, you aren't going to like this film. Their personalities are what carry the movie. I find them all pretty likeable, and of course extremely attractive. But director McG makes sure that even on the off chance you don't like the girls, there is a lot more going on to keep you involved. The fight scenes are straight out of The Matrix with all three ladies involved in kicking some ass. A lot of slow motion martial arts sequences are used to make it seem cooler, and there's enough cheesy dialogue to rival a Schwarzenegger film. The Angels all play to character as well. Diaz is the cute hot one who doesn't realize how good she looks. She's just very likeable, even when she's in positions she shouldn't be in (such as the Soul Train scene). Liu is the hard-edged girl who looks like she could kick anyone's ass, and generally gets the tougher jobs in the film. And Barrymore is the slightly ditzy girl who seems to jump into bed with almost anyone (including her real life boyfriend Tom Green in a strange cameo appearance). But it's also not a situation where the girls are just eye candy. All of them are very strong physically and mentally. They all seem like the kind of girls you'd like to hang out with, and at the same time the kind of women that could beat you up in a heartbeat. Nice combination.

One great thing about this movie, is that it never lets up. I don't remember any time in this movie where there wasn't something going on. A lot of times there is a unnecessary romance that takes up time, or sad parts that take away from the action, but here it was non-stop the entire way through. Yes they threw in some down time, but never for more than a minute. The movie also had a very slick look to it. Very stylish but not over the top comic book hero type style. And the soundtrack was very cool. Whether the music was just in the background, or helping to describe and add to the scene, every song had a purpose. Sometimes music isn't supposed to be in the forefront of a movie, but in these types of all out action films, music helps pump up the audience, and makes the action on the screen that much better. The only things I would have liked to see were a little more of Bill Murray and his comic genius, and a bit more on the background of the Angels. Murray is easily one of the funniest men in film today, but his role was small and his comic talents were kept under wrap. And while I did enjoy the fact that the movie kicked into high gear from the start and kept it up throughout the film, I think a little bit more about how the Angels came to be would have been nice. Maybe in the sequel.

So overall I enjoyed Charlie's Angels. It had some great action, some funny moments, a great soundtrack and three hot ladies. Great mindless entertainment for these cold days of winter. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Angels, and some more work from McG.

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