Directed by Ivan Reitman
Running Time: 1:41

I was a little disappointed with 6 Days/7 Nights. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but there really wasn't a whole lot of substance to this movie. Robin (Anne Heche) and Frank (David Schwimmer) are on vacation together when he proposes to her. She accepts, but then the next day gets called into work, and has to fly off the island for about 15 hours. The only way off the island, is the same way they got on, by flying in a small prop plane piloted by (Quinn) Harrison Ford. So as Robin and Quinn head back to Tahiti, they encounter a storm and a crash land on a deserted island. Then the rest of the movie is about the two of them surviving and falling for each other, and watching Frank and Quinn's girlfriend cope and have sex.

There were no surprises anywhere in this film, except maybe to find out that pirates still exist. From the beginning of the movie, you knew exactly what was going to happen. Frank was going to do something stupid. Robin and Quinn were going to fall in love with each other. Quinn's girlfriend was going to get naked. The engagement gets called off. Robin leaves her life in NYC to stay with Quinn. So since you know the story, the only thing left is whether or not the movie overcame the lame story. Well, it didn't.

While visually the movie was stunning, the acting didn't live up to the advance billing. I just don't see how people keep thinking Anne Heche is attractive. She's got nice eyes, but that's about it. Quinn's girlfriend was a token bimbo type with a great body, just there to add a little flavor to the film. Harrison Ford was not his usual macho self, but his character seemed to be going through the motions. I didn't get a real feel for how he felt. My favorite character then had to be Frank. Schwimmer played him almost exactly like Ross on his hit TV show Friends, and here it worked. But mostly, the characters were cut out of other movies, and didn't bring anything extra to the table. This wasn't a summer blockbuster type of movie, and should have been released during a time of the year when it wouldn't have gone up against much better films.

Overall, I see 6 Days/7 Nights as a stop over between The Truman Show and Mulan (and before anyone starts yelling at me, I know The X-Files is also coming out next weekend, I'm just not a big fan).

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